The Trump organization’s top officer – Allen Weiselberg’s former daughter-in-law is all set to testify in front of the grand jury as part of the investigation against Donald Trump.

Jennifer Weisselberg is a former ballet dancer and was married to Barry, son of Allen Weisselberg; the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization.

Weisselberg stated that she is preparing to testify Infront of the grand jury, which will be convened by the top prosecutors of Manhattan.

Allen Weisselberg is one of the top officers of Trump’s sprawling organization and has been under severe scrutiny for the benefits he received such as a car and an apartment; funded by the company.

Allen Weisselberg‘s legal team has already announced that they will not cooperate in the investigation as the prosecutors from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office are most likely to announce charges against Allen anytime soon.

The legal advisors for the Trump Organization are preparing their final draft to convince the prosecutors not to impose any charges on the company. The meeting between the prosecutors and legal advisor team is scheduled to be held this week.

Prosecutors had informed the company officials that they will be charging the company for criminal offenses along with the unrequited benefits given to the employees of the company.

Jennifer Weisselberg had announced earlier this year that she will be cooperating with the authorities regarding the inquiries about the apartments where she and her ex-husband lived free of cost.

Jennifer stated that “for me, when the government calls you, it’s your civic duty and there’s nothing wrong with telling the truth. It wasn’t a choice; they called me and I’m happy to be as honest and transparent and just be forthcoming because I don’t have anything to hide.”

Jennifer and Barry Weisselberg got divorced in 2018, ending their 14 years of marriage. Barry along with his father worked for the Trump organization for more than a decade and he was solely responsible for managing the carousel in central park as well as the two skating rinks.

The New York investigators initiated an investigation after the documents from the Jennifer and Barry divorce showcased thousands of dollars of payments for rents, cars, tuition, medical care, and other miscellaneous bills coming from the account of Allen Weisselberg.