Four Seasons Hotel Chicago will soon be unveiling its hotel-wide transformation. These changes will be revealed this fall, marking its 30th-anniversary celebrations.

Boasting a Forbes five-star status, this 347-room luxurious hotel will soon re-emerge from its high-budgeted renovations as a style and cultural hub. Offering a glimpse of Chicago’s diverse history, Four Seasons will reveal modern guest experiences and all-new contemporary designs.

From a re-conceptualized social lounge to a new restaurant, Four Seasons boasts improved living areas along with freshly-designed suites.

According to a statement from the hotel’s general manager, they are creating a destination where guests can have quality time in social immersion with locally inspired food, drink, art, and music that delivers the fantastic experience of Chicago.

Art and Design

Rottet Studio, a renowned architectural and design firm, had been chosen to transform the hotel’s interior. Replacing the previous art, new designs will be set in place that will embody sophistication with a touch of contemporary embellishments.

The redesigned place will offer tons of space for guests to socialize and partake in live entertainment. A lighter color scheme throughout the hotel’s premises will incorporate a touch of luxury while keeping it all simple.

Acoustic Ambiance

Four Seasons has partnered with Bell Sound which will create a custom musical soundtrack, one that will reflect Chicago’s musical sense. The selected tracks will enhance the guests’ mood and strengthen their connection with the city.

Acoustic AmbianceTaking it a step further, the new lobby will showcase live performances from new artists and local legends.

Food and Drink

Four Seasons ought to have world-class food because it is located in the food capital of the world. To maintain its food quality, Four Seasons have collaborated with Jonathon Sawyer, an award-winning chef, to supply its guests with signature dishes.

From New American cuisines to the dishes inspired by the chef’s personal experience, Four Seasons will provide individuals with a culinary-rich experience.

Specialty Suites and Apartment

BAMO, a San Francisco-based firm, will be redesigning the suites into a sophisticated yet soft decor. These accommodations will exhibit downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan to its guests in all its glory.

For further information, please visit Four Seasons Chicago.