The host of Fox Nation, Nancy Grace, has tested positive for the coronavirus, including her husband, David Linch, their two children as well as Grace’s mother.

According to the Daily Mail, her 88-year old mother, who has been residing with them in Atlanta, received a positive test result earlier this week. She is under treatment in Georgia.

Later that same week, the remaining family was also infected. According to Grace, she had been experiencing some symptoms of the virus including cough and flu. Her husband, on the other hand, experienced severe headaches. Both of them have also reported losing their sense of smell. Their children also experienced sore throats and headaches but of a milder nature.

She explains that all of them will be quarantined at home for their recovery process and they are excited to be reunited with their mother after they have all recovered. She also thanked the doctors and the nurses who have been on the frontlines throughout the pandemic treating coronavirus patients.

She also continued to urge people not to take the pandemic lightly and be very serious about taking precautions. She adds that according to them, they had taken all the necessary precautions, but it was not enough. She encourages people to wear masks and keep social distancing.

Fox Nation Nancy Grace Grace was previously a prosecutor and now a television host; she started her career on CourtTV in the 1990s. She is a legal journalist as well as a victim’s rights advocate and utilizes her experience to help people who have been targeted by criminals. After that, she went on to join the Headline Network and become famous for her reputation of fighting for victims. She earned the title of the most recognized face on the HLN Network where she worked for 12 years.

She talked about multiple high-profile cases on her self-titled show called ‘Nancy Grace’ which included trials of Amanda Knox, three Duke lacrosse players with rape allegations, and Scott Peterson.

Last year, she went on to join hands with Fox News to start her show ‘Crime Stories with Nancy Grace’ on their streaming service, Fox Nation. The show followed the same premise as her show on the HLN network.

She has also published a book called ‘Don’t Be a Victim: Fighting Back against America’s Crime Wave’. She talked about the book saying that her goal was to solve cases so she can make a difference in the lives of people who feel helpless.