Pro-Trump protesters are being held accountable for causing political unrest in the country. One of the leading media outlets is bent on to justify their actions. Fox News has always supported the Trump administration.

This time around, the media outlet is outrightly supporting the Republicans. They have been telling the viewers about potential rigging in the elections for the past two months, and when they saw no positive outcome, they changed the course and started justifying what happened in the Capitol on Wednesday.

One of the most popular faces of Fox News, Tucker Carlson started his show with an opening remark that has caused a stir in public. As he started the show, he termed the acts of Pro-Trump protestors to be sad and chaotic. However, he also justified their actions, putting all the blame on the newly elected Biden administration. Moreover, he also argued about millions of Americans being unhappy with the rigged election results.

Well, this was not the case with only Carlson’s show, but Fox News has always tried to justify Trump’s supporters’ actions. Another talk show host, Sean Hannity also tried his best to justify, by questioning what motivated these Americans to leave their homes, towns, and cities. He said that the courts are unable to provide justice and overturn the rigged election results.

As Fox News is now trying to prove the illegitimacy of the President-elect Joe Biden.

Moreover, Fox News is also trying to paint an image that there were only a handful of protesters, and people who caused the unrest were not the protestors but Antifa instigators.

Well, Fox News is not the only media organization that supports Trump’s election stance, but many lawmakers from the Republican party hold similar views. The fringe networks are also not behind the rat race to prove rigging allegations true in the elections of November 2020.

Nonetheless, whatever happens, Biden is set to take the Oval Office on 20 January, and Trump has decided to carry on with the transition process smoothly as well. However, he has also indicated that his fight is not over yet.