Jedediah Bila is a co-host of the Fox News show called “Fox and Friends.” She recently defended her co-host on Twitter against President Trump.

Trump in a Tweet on April 13 criticized the host of the show with some very inconsiderate words. In his post, the president lashed out while referring to the host of the show.

He also wrote how much worse he was than Chuck Todd. Chuck is a journalist who hosted a show called Meet the Press. Trump also called him sleepy-eyed. 

The co-host of Chris’ show, Jedediah, responded to the president’s tweet and called his behavior childish. He is of the view that the news channel is neutral and not siding with any party. 

No TV show or channel shall be subdued in favor of any higher figure. Rather, the main aim of the news is to convey true information with complete honesty and neutrality. She also said that Chris was just doing his job.

Jedediah also said that when there was a similar situation with President Obama in the past, he defended the news channel and defended their freedom of speech. But now, under similar circumstances, Trump himself is passing bad comments on the media channel.

In the past, when Fox News had to air Trump’s statements, they addressed them with a reference to his father. The media channel said that Trump’s got some daddy issues.

Bila tweeted this statement defending her co-host after she had been diagnosed with coronavirus. She also told her followers on Instagram how she had recovered from the COVID and was in a better position.

She’s been away from all the social media websites for a while. Her Instagram post came as a relief to her followers and gave her a reason to be away for such a long time.