Earlier this week, the US House of Representatives Minority Whip, Steve Scalise joined host Chris Wallace for a call-in interview on Fox News. The two carried out a detailed discussion about the Texas lawsuit.

Scalise shed light on the many aspects of the election process that have been raising concerns. For one thing, the election outcome was out by 10 pm in states like Florida, while it took other states days and weeks to produce results.

According to Scalise, the huge vote swings in certain states resulted in a lot of distrust. Many Americans are still wondering what happened.

Wallace sought to rationalize these vote swings; explaining that many of these states were not able to count millions of mail-in ballots until the night of the elections. As a result, the seemingly one-sided election outcome would suddenly change course.

Wallace reported that this had happened in Florida where the mail-in ballots were counted early. Consequently, Biden originally had the lead before it went the other way and favored Trump.

Fox News Host Wallace ConfrontsOn the other hand, in Pennsylvania, the mail-in ballots had been counted late so although it favored Trump earlier, the votes later tilted the balance to Biden’s side.

Wallace mentioned that so far the majority of lawsuits filed by Trump have been dismissed by both state and federal courts. Even the judges appointed by Trump himself have rejected nearly all of the legal proceedings.

Wallace moved on to foreground of Texas lawsuit that was aimed to negate votes in four of the swing states. The lawsuit was presented by Paxton, along with a few other attorney generals.

The lawsuit was supported by a total of 126 Republicans, including Steve Scalise. Nonetheless, on Friday, the Supreme Court threw out the charges without batting an eye.

When asked why Scalise was trying to get rid of Biden voters in these four states, he simply said that no one wanted the votes to be dismissed. He defended himself by emphasizing that this was never strived to disempower the American citizens, but rather to ensure a just electoral process.

He added that the Texas lawsuit was aimed at the states that had broken various laws and gone against the constitution. Wallace was quick to clap back and reminded the U.S. representative that had the charges been of any merit, the Supreme Court would not have abandoned them without a hearing.