Paying an average of $600 for a good smartphone doesn’t feel as bad as paying the large monthly phone service bills. And why not spend several dollars on your phone? You need cell phones at all times and everywhere. It is true yet petrifying how dependent our lives have become on cell phones. Frankly, when you forget your phone at home, it almost feels like you have forgotten your pants at home.

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Everyone has their most used feature on their phones, however, making calls and texting is something that everyone does. It requires monthly payments, which is for sure the most painful part for everyone. But what if we say you can get a free cell phone service? Sounds unbelievable right? Well, it can happen. All you need to do is just carefully consider the cell phone services while choosing one for yourself. Who knows, you might get a brand-new phone for free as well.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of such deals, and they end up paying hefty monthly cell phone bills. But not anymore! We have compiled a list of cell phone services that can get you cheap offers or even entirely free services.

Free cell phone service plans

Find below some most affordable or free cell phone service plans.

1) FreedomPop’s Basic Plan – Free cell phone service

Fee: $49.99

With FreedomPop, you don’t have to worry about paying monthly bills. Surprisingly, in their Basic 500 plan, you just have to pay a one-time activation fee of $49.99, and you can enjoy the service as long as it is valid.

What does the Plan include?

In this 500 basic plan, the service provider offers 500 MBs of mobile data, 500 text messages, and 200 minutes of phone calls. However, if you exceed the allotment, you will be charged additionally. So don’t lose track of your package.

Not just that, FreedomPop offers different plans that suit everyone’s unique needs. If the current deal doesn’t suit you, you can switch to another.

Other plans that they offer, include:

  • 2GB data for $9.99 to $24.99 per month
  • 5GB data for $14.99 to $34.99 per month
  • 10GB data for $19.99 to $59.99 per month

2) SafetyNet Wireless – Free cell phone service

Fee: $0 to $15

SafetyNet service providers offer plans that not just include free cell phone service but a free cell phone as well. Their minimum priced Plan starts from $0. Yes, you got it right. In their Kentucky Lifeline Plan, you just have to pay an activation fee of $25.

What does the Plan include?

In their Kentucky plan, you get 1 GB with unlimited calls and messages. Once you have activated the Plan, you don’t have to pay the monthly fee.

They have dedicated plans for every state. You can check which fits best for you. For instance, in most states, the package limits go up to 4 GB of data, 350 talk minutes and unlimited texting. They provide services in California, Georgia, Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

Other plans include:

  • Oklahoma Tribal – 4.5 GB data plus unlimited texts and calls.
  • Non-Tribal – 25 MB data plus 1000 minutes for talk and messages.
  • Wisconsin Lifeline Plan – 100 MB data plus 400 minutes and unlimited text

The activation fee (One-time fee) for most of the plans is $25.

3) FreeUp Mobile – Very cheap cell phone service:

Cheapest Plan: $15

FreeUp Mobile is one of the most affordable cell phone services out there. In fact, their priciest Plan charges $45. You cannot get the same level of services in the same price range anywhere else.

What does the Plan include?

In their priciest Plan, you get unlimited calls, messages, and data. Moreover, there are other options as well from which you can choose the best one for yourself.

Other plans include:

  • 500MB data, unlimited international calls, and messages for $15 per month
  • 2GB data, unlimited international calls and messages for $20 per month
  • 6GB data, unlimited international calls and messages for $30 per month

Note: FreeUp used to offer a free cell phone plan. However, the Plan has been discontinued due to unknown reasons. You can call them to get more information regarding their other plans, which undoubtedly almost feels like for free.

4) StandUp Wireless – Very cheap cell phone service

Fee: $5

StandUp Wireless plans can get you a phone for free. However, they might charge you a bit for their cell phone services. Their basic package charges $5, which is the cheapest package on their Plan.

What does the Plan include?

With their Basic Plan, you can get 250 MB data with 250 minutes of talks and the similar number of messages. Moreover, if you are a new customer and take your phone to their store, you will get 3 GB internet, 1000 minutes for talks and unlimited messages for the initial month for free.

Their other plans cost more than $5 but contain more minutes and data.

  • 1 GB data and unlimited talks and messages for $10
  • 3 GB data and unlimited talks and messages for $20
  • 8 GB data and unlimited talks and messages for $30

5) Ting – Very cheap cell phone service

Fee: $25

Ting works as a post-paid phone service. You only pay for the limit you consume. It is a great deal for those who have limited use of cell phone. And the best part is that you are not overpaying or underpaying for something you are not using. The company will track the number of data, phone lines, and messages you use. However, if you want an unlimited bundle, they do have that as well. Their Basic Plan starts from $25.

What does the Plan include?

In this Plan, you make a monthly payment of $25. In return you will get, 5 GB of fast data, Unlimited texts plus talks, countrywide LTE with 5G coverage. Moreover, you can use the entire 5GB on hotspot.

Their other plans are pricier than $25, but of course, you will get more data and minutes.

  • 12 GB fast data plus unlimited talks and texts for $35
  • 22 GB fast data plus Unlimited data, talks, and texts.

With Ting, you have freedom of choice. You can either go for unlimited bundles or can pick to pay for the consumed services.


Everyone has different needs. Some want more internet while others want unlimited messages and calls. Therefore, before going for any plan, be realistic and analyze which one works best for you. This way, you can save yourself from getting trapped in any plan that you wish later you had never signed up for.

Always try to make the best possible deal out of anything, so you don’t break the bank.