Many seniors depend on home medical equipment which includes oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, walkers, bed wetting apparatus, wheelchairs, and many other devices that may make the safe mobility of the seniors possible.

If you are insured and heard from someone that Medicare provides free mattress for seniors, then you heard it correct. But for this, you may need to meet certain requirements. This would not be that easy unfortunately by just walking into a store and asking for a free mattress as you are covered by Medicare.

However, getting a new free mattress can be possible given the suitable coverage. Explore your chances of qualifying for a free mattress from your coverage down below.

Durable Medical Equipment Coverage

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services offers DME – Durable Medical Equipment coverage in Medicare Part B. Through this, Medicare covers medical equipment used to aid elderly patients in safe mobility. Medicare Part B is committed to cover the majority of the medical equipment that your physician has prescribed to use at your home to perform everyday tasks easily.

To be eligible for a free mattress, a patient should be prescribed by a doctor to qualify for DME.  Additionally, other than the prescription, you also need to meet the necessary requirement to have Medicare coverage for a free mattress:

  • The mattress should be utilized for health intricacies
  • The mattress should be reliable and durable enough for repeated use
  • It should not be used or must not be useful for any other person who is not injured or sick
  • The matters should be used at home
  • The mattress you choose should be expected to last a minimum of three years.

Mattress covered by Medicare

Medicare covers certain specific types of mattresses, which means that not every mattress can qualify under DME requirements. In order to be qualified for Medicare coverage, they need to be used only for medical purposes only and aid the sufferer in functioning his daily life.

This is why it is important to comprehend the minor intricacies related to buying a mattress that you think will be covered. Look at these three main DEM and mattresses that Medicare will cover for a sufferer: 

  • Pressure-reducing overlays
  • Pressure-reducing beds
  • Pressure-reducing mattresses

Once you meet the required criteria, it would be better to get your free mattress only from the Medicare supplier. To find the Medicare supplier near your area you can look online for the local Medicare-approved mattress suppliers near you to save more money. 

For any accepted DME, from Medicare, you need to pay 20% of the total mattress amount for your approved durable medical equipment. Your coverage of the Medicare Part B deductible will cover the remaining 80% cost.

What are the best adjustable mattresses & beds?

Now when you are qualified for a free mattress from DME, you can look for a mattress that fulfills your medical needs. Adjustable mattresses are one of the most preferred mattresses for durable mattress equipment. Certain types of adjustable beds contain motorized features which are movable from different parts of the bed. From the head and foot sides for instance.

Some adjustable beds come with extra features like LED lights and a built-in massager. Adjustable beds are equally divided to provide a comfort level to the patients through interchangeable air chambers and springs.

These beds are ideal when a patient can’t change its position every now and then. Instead of putting extra effort to change the patient’s positions, you can easily switch the position of these adjustable beds through remotes and built-in buttons.

How to find the best free mattress for seniors?

Fortunately, there are a lot of mattress options available in the market. If you particularly are looking for mattresses approved by Medicare, then switching your search to the Medicare-approved sellers will ease your task. However, DME mattresses aren’t something that’s hard to find.

Here’s a list of five mattresses that you should consider this time:

Solace Resolution Glissando Heavy Duty Mattress

Most of the time people suffer from ulcer reactions due to friction forming in their beds. Solace Resolution Glissando offers prevention from such diseases that can be fatal if not treated. These beds are manufactured using dual-layer high-density foam which prevents friction and segregates the pressure to provide the best comfort.

Drive Medical Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattress

To distribute the pressure evenly to all parts, it is best to opt for Drive Medical Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattresses. The mattresses from Drive are latex-free and work to minimize friction to provide comfort and support to the sufferer.

Joerns PrevaMatt Defend Pressure Relief Mattress

No wonder that pressure relief mattresses provide more relief than the normal spring mattress to the patient. Joerns’ PrevaMatt Defend Pressure Relief Mattress focuses on providing relief from pressure and comfort from its first use.

One of the best things about these mattresses is they are made with durable plant-based materials which ultimately increases the reliability of the mattresses along with quality and minimizes the use of chemicals at the same time.

ThevoRelief Pressure Relief Mattress

Mattresses from ThevoRelief Pressure Relief Mattress are produced to help patients suffering from continuous body aches. These aches can be the results of an injury or loss of an organ. These mattresses work to stimulate veins by providing support and distributing pressure to all parts of the bed. The comfortable back support helps you develop improved sleeping cycles.

Drive Medical Alternating Pressure Low Air Loss Mattress System

Another mattress on our list is Drive Medical Alternating Pressure Low Air Loss Mattress System. These mattresses are also used for reducing friction and distributing pressure all over the mattress. They are specifically designed to treat, heal, and eliminate ulcers. The mattress is adjustable according to the patient’s needs and settings. For instance, they can be set to remain active and static mode within 10-minute intervals.

Some other Medicare-approved mattresses include:

In case you want to get a free mattress and are struggling to find one, you should check your Medicare plan and ask your doctor to recommend it. Otherwise, you can always get help from the Medicare official website