It’s been 17 years since the last episode of “Friends” hit our screens. Given its decade-long run and all the praise and acclaim it has received in the years after, you’d think there’s nothing more left to be known about the group of six friends who made a special place in our hearts.

But even after interviews. documentaries, and guest appearances on reality shows; there’s much more to what meets the eye. For staunch fans, it’s your time to rejoice as HBO Max’s “Friends: The Reunion ” brings a whole lot of new scoop, inside jokes, and critical developments- ever since the show went off the air.

The Friends reunion features the lead ensemble including Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer. The episode takes the stars and fans down memory lane, starting from initial perceptions, to secret love affairs and finally, to the hard goodbyes. Here is a round-up of some of the biggest revelations learned in the much-touted reunion.

Ross and Rachel were not on a break

The popular couple won a lot of hearts with their intermittent on-screen romance. Known for their stellar talent and unmatchable chemistry, Aniston and Schwimmer are still widely acclaimed for their relationship in the show. But the Friends Reunion provided an insight not known to many: The chemistry that manifested on screen was a product of the real emotions the two actors felt for each other, during the early seasons of the show. Schwimmer confessed having a crush on Aniston, which was widely reciprocated by the then 25-year-old actress. However, the two never really acted on their feelings as they were both in separate relationships. In retrospect, the actors were grateful for whatever happened, as an off-screen love affair could have destroyed the group dynamic.

“Mondler”- a couple by chance

Contrary to popular belief, Monica and Chandler were never going to be a couple in the original “Friends” plan. Co-creator David Crane revealed how the two were put together for a one-night fling, to stir an awkward dynamic between the friends. However, their initial plan was revised on seeing the reaction of the studio audience when Monica was revealed to be Chandler’s partner in the episode “The One with The Truth About London” According to executive producer Kevin Bright, “They went insane,” and that’s when the creators changed the storyline and made them a couple- one that still receives praise even today.

No More Monkeys

The Friends Reunion also revealed David Schwimmer’s inherent dislike for Marcel, the pet monkey that appeared in the early seasons of the show. Although Schwimmer himself is fond of animals, he particularly disliked the presence of Marcel in the scenes, not only because of their unpleasant nature but also because their stunts ruined the quality of scenes. Their trainer allegedly fed them live grubs, which made its way to Schwimmer’s hair and clothes, as his character was often seen carrying the animal on his shoulder. “I’d have monkey grubby hands all over,” complained Schwimmer in the Friends Reunion, nearly two decades after the show took place.

The End For Good

The star cast affirmed this Friends Reunion to be “the last time “they all come together. Courtney Cox, who essayed the role of cleanliness obsessed Monica declared “We’re not going to do this again in 15 more years.”Before the episode ended, the stars took a shot at where their characters would be at present. According to Cox, Monica and Chandler’s kids would have probably graduated, whereas Aniston stated the possibility of Ross and Rachel getting married and having kids of their own. Kudrow chipped in and pointed out how Phoebe and her husband Mike would have moved to Connecticut and started a family. As for Joey, Le Blanc suggested he gave up his acting dreams and started a sandwich shop, which doesn’t come as a surprise as the man loved food.