A Frontier Airline plane had to make an emergency landing in North Carolina when a crazed passenger started to disrupt the peace on the flight.

 and tried to harm other passengers.

The Frontier Airline flight was enroute from the Big Apple to Orlando when in the middle it had to detour to have a safe landing.

According to the reports, a crazed passenger started yelling and howling that the woman and her son sitting behind him are poking him with needles to extract his DNA.

One of the eyewitnesses and a fellow passenger on flight 1335 Savannah Figueroa called the person a lunatic saying he was “really loud and obnoxious from the very beginning.”

The said man threatened to kill the people on board including children.

“The passenger that was sitting behind him was a lady and her autistic son … so I guess he kept getting poked and touched from behind and he started freaking out and claiming that ‘these people keep putting hands on me, they’re trying to stick me with

needles, they’re trying to collect my DNA,’” Figueroa told the news outlet.

“‘I don’t know what they want to do with it — maybe for money or maybe to sell it.’ He’s like, ‘I don’t care if it’s a lady and her kid, I’ll smack them both. I don’t care who it is. I’ll put my hands on anybody on this plane,’” she added.

According to Savannah, the flight attendant intervened and tried to resolve the situation by asking the man to keep his voice and tone down but that made him angrier and he flipped more.

“There were like waves of it where he would calm down and just stop talking completely and then he would just start going again,” she said.

 The obnoxious man tried to break one of the windows of the plane and that’s when the onboard people understood the gravity of the situation.

“That’s when they jumped on him and tried to restrain him,” she said. “There were at least five or six other men that stood up … they started taking their belts off and trying to restrain him.”

A cell phone video recorded by a passenger went viral on social media in which crew members of the plane can be seen blocking the cockpit while trying to restrain him from entering. Passengers including a police officer can be seen trying to engage the unhinged guy by using their zip ties and belts.

The lunatic was offloaded from the plane before resuming its flight to Orlando. The identity of the aggressive passenger has not been revealed.