If you’re at a crossroads in your career and not sure where you want to go, then the best way to go about it is to dig deeper into your field and gain more insights. And if your field of interest is psychology, then surely a PhD program is something worth considering, since:

·         It opens up numerous opportunities for you, and

·         Provides you direction about the path you should take.

But what should you do, if you are already struggling to pay the student loan you have taken to earn a postgraduate degree? The fully funded psychology PhD programs are there to help you out.

You can do some research about fully funded psychology PhD programs online and you’ll find that there are numerous reputed universities that are providing sponsorships. But to make your life easier, we have listed down a few top universities in the US that are offering fully funded psychology PhD programs.

But before we get started, let us discuss what is a fully funded PhD program.

What Do Fully Funded PhD Programs Actually Mean?

It’s as simple as the name suggests. The universities that are offering fully funded PhD programs will waive the entire tuition fee for you, which means that you don’t have to spend a penny out of your pocket. And the best part is that you’ll even receive an annual stipend for pursuing a doctorate degree in your field of interest. Fully funded PhD programs are basically financial aid packages designed for those students who are passionate about the field but can’t afford the tuition fee. Certainly, there are a few requirements you have to fulfil to qualify for fully funded psychology PhD programs.

They may vary from university to university – so you have to first select a university where you want to study and then gather information about the prerequisites.

Moreover, if you qualify for a fully funded program, then you may be required to complete your research or teach in the university for a certain period. This is an obligation that you have to fulfil in order to reap the benefits of such programs.

Top Fully Funded Psychology PhD Programs in the US

So you don’t want to take another huge student loan that you’ll have to pay for the most part of your life yet you want to excel in your field, right? This is where the following list will come in handy as we have listed down a few reputed schools that offer fully funded PhD programs in the US.

If you can afford to manage a certain portion of the tuition fee and don’t want to fulfil any obligations, then there are other partially funded programs available. Just a simple search on Google would help you find some good schools for that or you can consult with the admission department to get further details.

Let’s check out the options you have:

Arizona State University

With over 17,000 employees, Arizona State University has been recognized among the rapidly growing research institutions. Located in the metropolitan area of Phoenix, this public university offer six different options to doctorate students through its Psychology Department, including:

1.       Social Psychology

2.       Cognitive Science

3.       Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology

4.       Quantitative Research Methods

5.       Clinical Psychology

6.       Developmental Psychology

The university is going to cover your entire tuition fee, if you are planning to pursue a full-time PhD degree but there’s a catch. You have to serve around twenty hours in a week as a research assistant or graduate teaching. During your program duration, you’ll get $18,564 in the pre-masters’ stage for 9 months, which will increase to $19,064 in the post-masters’ phase for 9 months.

Columbia University

If you are planning to get a fully funded doctorate degree in clinical psychology, then this New York institution is best for you. Columbia University was established around 1974 and is known for offering excellent opportunities through training in modern clinical science, assessment, and intervention.

During this 3- to 4-year program, you have to get 95 points of academic credit. If you qualify for this program, not only will your tuition fee be waived but the university will offer you an annual stipend of around $25,000. But in lieu of these benefits, the university requires you to work as a research assistant or a teacher – after completing your PhD program.

Yale University

Who doesn’t want to study in an Ivy League college – especially if it is fully funded? Yale University does offer a fully funded psychology PhD program to students with good academic records. Established in 1701, Yale stands among the most reputed educational institutions of the world.

Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale’s fully funded program not only waives the tuition fee but you’ll also receive summer funding and stipend for up to five years. Generally offered as a fellowship, in Yale graduate students can also earn for up to 20-hour in a week – supported through research funds for the faculty. However, this requires the students to prove that they are contributing to the program development overall.

University of Michigan

The fully funded psychology PhD program offered by University of Michigan is worth considering since the program covers tuition and offers health insurance along with stipend or salary for five years. So it is one of the best options you have, if you want to earn a PhD in psychology.

There are two phases of this program.

First Phase: In this phase, you will remain concerned about completing your courses, acquiring insights about the field and honing your research skills.

Second Phase: The duration of this phase is 3-5 years where you have to complete your research work and delve deeper into the field.

Once you are done with both the phases, you have to complete a full-time internship for at least one year.

Rutgers University

This is another good option to earn a doctorate degree in clinical psychology. Based in New Jersey, this institution requires students to maintain a good academic record to continue receiving the guaranteed funding including your tuition as well as stipend.

Once you are done with the coursework, you can enter the psychological residency for a year in different locations around the country.

The More You Learn, The Better

We have just listed down a few of the top colleges, but there are many and certainly you have to take into account a lot of factors. So we advise you to do your own research, find out all the necessary details and then apply for a fully funded psychology PhD program.