Brian Laundrie’s family says they haven’t heard from their son since September 14th. Now, the FBI has filed an arrest order for Gabby Petito’s ex-fiancé.

As the quest for Brian Laundrie continues, a federal arrest notice has been filed, according to Fox News’ national reporters.

The Bureau has acquired a conviction on interstate bank fraud offenses and found the corpse remnants of Brian Laundrie’s fiancée, Gabby Petito, in Wyoming, about a week after his disappearance.

Laundrie, the prime suspect of the Gabby Petito Case, has dodged arrest after fleeing his parent’s house in Florida.

Authorities in North Port, Fl, are still searching for T. on a regular basis.

North Port Police spokesperson Joshua Taylor informed our Reporters on Thursday, However, it’s also possible that in this Gabby Petito case, Laundrie used the reserve as protection before moving on to another location. He might have been able to sneak into Mexico by taking the opportunity of the confusion at the southern frontier. He’s believed to be in Puerto Rico by several internet armchair detectives. He might have gone to a multitude of locations as well.

Pat Diaz, a former Miami-Dade murder detective who’s already dealt with missing people cases with federal and state detectives, said, “I do not really think that the guy murdered himself.” “I’m quite sure he’ll just simply disappear.”

Dan Riemer, an independent detective in West Palm Beach, concurred.

Riemer believes Laundrie may have made his way to South Florida, where he might attempt to stay under the radar. He stated, “He has dealt with several runaway case scenarios in the region.”

Diaz suspects Laundrie fled to the West since the marshland preserve is just too hostile for him, and he probably lacks the financial means to pay foreign officers.

Petito was missing from last Wednesday, and police identified Laundrie as a prime suspect. Police reached his parent’s house last Friday, where Laundrie’s parents informed them that he had gone AWOL on Tuesday.

Laundrie was charged on Thursday for reportedly misusing a debit card and PIN information without authorization, although not in conjunction with the Gabby Petito Case.

However, Diaz claims that the warrant for his detention on those allegations will allow investigators to detain him while they uncover the matter.

We will keep you updated as this story unfolds with time.