GameStop’s share price continues to surge as the stock starts trading, thus setting a bullish trend due to a short squeeze.

The company that had experienced a share price drop in the past six years, is now enjoying the sudden development since the beginning of the year 2021. Currently, the share price is close to $77, which is more than what the financial pandits had predicted about GameStop.

The stock surged by a whopping 145% to a price value of $159.18 on Monday, crashing at least nine previous trading records. The stock price has gone up by almost 300% since the start of the current fiscal year.

According to the financial analysts, this sudden surge in stock price is capturing the attention of the newbies in the stock market. The institutional investors are still not fully convinced by GameStop’s performance in the market. According to them, the way this company has been keeping up, it will have to bear losses in the fiscal years 2021 and 2022, which still makes GameStop shares unreliable to invest.

The increase in the share price has got everybody’s head up. The financial analysts at Wall Street have described this maneuver as the best way to deal with the company’s debt. They have suggested the company sell their shares as much as they can during this bullish period, which will help them recover from their liabilities quickly, and also providing them the much-needed protection.

The soaring of the share price was termed as a business upsurge that does not make sense by many investor activists.

The sudden surge is also a result of the announcement of the new Board of Directors joining GameStop. Ryan Cohen who made Chewy a success is one of the directors joining the firm.