Tuesday runoff elections started with the same buzz as predicted i.e. endorsing the win of the Democratic Party, but the results are still undermining. The turnout was 68% with 4.4 million votes, yet it is lower than the turnout rate in November 2020.

The election is being rerun because none of the candidates in November’s general election achieved the 50% needed for victory.

The Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock claims his victory against Kelly Loeffler, entitling him as the first Democrat to enter the US Senate from Georgia in 24 years. He will further strengthen Joe Biden’s win in a little over 2 months after he becomes the first Democratic presidential candidate to win from Georgia in almost three decades. Democrats moved a major step closer to control the Senate early Wednesday as the Democratic candidate, who is also a pastor at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, won his hard-fought runoff election in Georgia. However, Kelly Loeffler refuses to concede. Moreover, she announces that she will challenge the election results at the joint session of congress.

The second runoff is also going neck to neck with a difference of hardly 2000 votes. The Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff has a lead over Republican candidate David Perdue. If the Democrats win both the Senate runoff elections in Georgia, the Senate would evenly split to 50-50. It will be a major blow to the Republicans as the Trump-led campaign continues to malign the results and constantly accuses rigging in the election. If Jon Ossoff wins the second run-off, he will become the youngest senator at the mere age of 33 years in over 40 years of American political history. Ossoff’s win will strengthen the newly elected President’s standing as he prepares to take office on January 20, 2021.