Waiting for your next Stimulus check? Well, you can now see when you can expect it to show up in your mail or your bank account.

The IRS has finally gotten around to updating the database, feeding the “Get my payment” tool with information of those people who are to get the stimulus check in the third round of the government-funded social welfare. This was confirmed by Karen Connelly who is the spokesperson for the IRS.


You can check your status at https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment

The tool will be fully rolled out to the public on Monday according to the spokesperson from the IRS.

The latest round of stimulus checks will be based on the tax returns filed by an individual in 2019 or 2020. The people who have also used the non-filer tool or have chosen to submit a simplified version of the Tax returns will also be included and considered in the latest round of stimulus payments.

The people who were eligible to receive a stimulus check in the last two rounds of economic impact payments but did not receive it will be given a check or a prepaid debit card.

The receivers of social security and federally funded benefits will receive this round of stimulus payments through the same channel they receive their other benefits.

The payment structure will be such that a single individual will receive $1400 and married couples will receive $2800 with an additional $1400 for each dependent child. The payments would range to people that are earning up to $75000 per year or $150000 for married couples.

How to use IRS ‘Get my payment’

 The ‘Get my payment’ tool requires the user to fill in their social security number or Tax ID number, their date of birth, street address, and ZIP code.

The IRS has also urged the public that if their name does not show up on the list, they should be patient and wait overnight so that the database can be updated. They have also asked the public not to call the IRS directly and that their operators do not have access to the information regarding the payments.

The tool will show the complete information on when the beneficiary will receive the payment. However, for the people who will see the “Payment status not available” message, it means that the IRS either has not yet processed the payment or they are not eligible to receive it.

Some people will also see a “Need more information” message which means that the payment was sent back to the IRS because of a change in address. The best way to change and update your address is to file your 2020 tax returns with your new address.