Gillette is one of the most prominent and popular brands of men razors. The brand came forward with a new advertisement that focused on the issue of toxic masculinity and the ongoing debate of #MeToo. 

The ad shows the deep-rooted culture of toxic masculinity. It showed how it has always been a threat to the opposite gender. Not only that, but this culture is also affecting the overall image of men regardless of their conduct, behavior, and mindset. 

The ad received mixed reactions from people and the media. Some people appreciated the fact that the brand has taken a positive step to bring forward an issue that needs to be addressed. Gillette being such a notable brand can have a strong impact on the thinking of people and it can change the opinion of the masses. 

While some people appreciated Gillette’s approach others don’t share the same opinion. According to some people, the ad presented a generalized image of men as toxic, which is unfair to the ones who are not. They were offended to such an extent that they even claimed of discontinuing the use of Gillette products. 

shaving with gillette

However, there’s another group of people who remained neutral and termed the stance of the company as nothing more than a marketing gimmick. According to the neutral group, as we call it, the sole purpose of the brands is to employ various advertising tactics to achieve their objectives. Be it a good advertisement or a controversial one, it will have a direct impact on the sales and profit of the brand. These people did not deny the positive message of the ad but considered it as a marketing tactic. 

A few days before the ad was released, a report by APA was published that focused on the psychological health of men. The report mainly described how the presence of toxic masculinity culture is affecting the mental health and wellbeing of men. 

There have been many kinds of researches that were conducted to see how societal standards affect men. It has been proven many times that some practices and unrealistic expectations from men affect their mental health. And not only that, but the toxic culture also leads to health issues in men. 

With scientifically proven rationale, the approach of Gillette’s ad appears on point, although it has generated some negative reviews too.