There is no anonymity that the oil prices War has been beleaguered for the world. The chicanery which leads to the falling prices of oil somehow linked to the impact of low marketing. This fall of the market due to the Pandemic COVID-19 coronavirus is deeply affecting the sectors which are necessary for daily life usage.

The war on the prices of oil between Saudi Arabia and Russia has now entered a phase of discussions and agreements, based upon the production cuts and price hikes.

There is no covert action that does not remind us of oil prices ups and downs in the past but now it has been into effect due to the current situations of the globe as a whole. The lockdown is affecting every sector which has usage in daily production including oil.

The markets have fallen apart, the demand has slightly gone down as the usage becomes low and there is nothing that can be done except for cutting off the production. Hence the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and other oil cartel countries such as Russia have come to a decision of increasing oil prices and producing less crude oil to stabilize the market.

The pandemic brings onerous effect but the countries still fighting this may lose everything. The social distance has encouraged people to stay at home meaning no vehicles on road.

The agreement of the OPEC and its partner countries scheduled from April to July which is 10 million barrels cut per day, lessening to 8 million barrels until the end of the year, and finally 6 million barrels per day for 16 months starting from 2021. This agreement is making a slight difference of 10% of the normal usage.

The experts say that 12 million barrels per day must be cut off in order to stabilize the market but they are not sure what is next to come. The chief oil analyst of Oil Price Information Service, Tom Kloza says that the demand is as low as 20 million barrels per day which might give stabilization to the oil market if the price rises.

The United State is facing a new challenge of Pandemic but Mr. Trump is facing re-elections thus have to hop in and make this deal a priority. The oil prices were $23 per barrel to the US which may increase 4% from $24 to $33, the United States, we’re talking about Friday their own cuts in what might be an uncommon worldwide settlement to balance out the market.

Analysts caution even these proposed cuts may not be sufficient to balance the misfortune popular over the more extended term, as the coronavirus pandemic has wrecked interest for vitality around the world. Mexico had at first obstructed the arrangement however one leap forward came after Mexican President Obrador said on Friday that he concurred with US President Trump that the US will remunerate what Mexico can’t add to the proposed cut during OPEC discussions.