On March 12, The World Health Organization announced a Global emergency, declaring the novel coronavirus a full-scale global pandemic. Since then, there’s panic in the world as the disease keeps on spreading like wildfire. 

No cure has been found so far, which has led to a whopping 24 million coronavirus cases worldwide. Developed countries have suffered the most despite having advanced healthcare systems. 

The United States of America has recorded more than 180,000 deaths from COVID-19 so far. The clutches of this disease even reached the US President Donald Trump and the First lady Melania Trump.

India’s situation also throws up a lot of red flags as cases rise daily and safety measures remain fairly ineffective. Health workers struggle to populate the state’s COVID-19 tracing app in order to deal efficiently with the spread of the disease. 

The French Health Ministry said that it recently recorded 5,429 new cases in France. The total number of infected individuals in France has now reached the figure of 253,587.

In Spain, about 3,594 new coronavirus cases have been reported as it struggles to fight the second wave of the virus. A total of about 419,849 number of coronavirus cases have been recorded in the country so far. 

Coronavirus affects more than 24 million people worldwide, following the latest S. Korean spike

In Norway, reports claim that a 10- day quarantine will be imposed on travelers from Germany amid increased virus spread risks. The Norwegian foreign ministry informed about imposing similar restrictions for people coming from two additional regions in Sweden. 

Italy has been worst struck by the virus out of all countries, with thousands of fatalities. Around 1,411 new cases of coronavirus have been reported this Thursday in Italy.

Ireland’s coronavirus cases have been increasing at an alarming rate as per the reports from Ireland’s Health Ministry. Out of every 100,000 citizens, 33 test positive for the virus which is very high as it was only 3 postive cases per 100,000 citizens in June.