Climate change is difficult for humans to handle as they may not be as adaptive as they think. People are getting sick on daily basis due to the effects of climate change and the average death rate continues to increase.

The incidents like wildfires, floods, and other extreme weather conditions have risen the past couple of decades. Climate change is an issue that people living on this planet need to take seriously because our existence depends on it.

Humans are suffering the most from climate change and ironically, they are a large contributing reason for it. Meanwhile, the animals have been suffering from climate change as much as humans.

Human health is deteriorating because of climate change as there is increased pollution in the air and water. The landfills are polluting not only the soil but also contaminating the air around it.

Physicians are afraid that humans will not be able to adapt to this climate change and therefore, they are suffering. There is a direct connection between climate change and the deteriorating health of human beings.

The fossil fuel industry has grown immensely in the past couple of decades, which is the primary reason for climate change. The government must stop its financial support to these fossil fuel burners to save the environment and help these industries transition into cleaner resources.

There are reasons to believe that fossil fuel burning is the primary reason behind air pollution. The contaminants in the air can cause respiratory issues, different kinds of cancer, and other similar diseases.

The United Nations general secretary has encouraged the states to limit their use of fossil fuels and adopt green practices. The United Nations’ sustainable goals for 2030 also focus on conserving the national climate.

He also pointed out that the countries have to adopt a sustainable plan so that by 2050 greenhouse emissions are 0%. The burning of fossil fuels is increasing the overall temperature of the world, which is an alarming state.

The global increase in the temperature is adding problems for older people who are more at risk of being affected. The cities are becoming an urban jungle where there is no green space at all for the people to breathe freely.

As the world recovers from the pandemic, governments have a chance to adopt green practices as a way of economic recovery. This can potentially be beneficial for countries where cities are getting more congested every year.