The global health agency warned on Wednesday that at the moment it is difficult to predict how long coronavirus will stay. 

Michael Ryan, the WHO’s emergency chief, indicated that the virus may turn deadly while hinting towards a possibility that it will create various long-term problems. However, Ryan also stressed on the need to fight it collectively. 

A WHO report in this regard mentioned that this pandemic will develop a lot of mental health issues in people. The factors that may lead to the development of mental health issues are quarantine, economic chaos, and the fear of the unknown. These mental health issues will be seen in adults, children, health workers, and youngsters. 

The report came at a time when Russia had shown the second highest infection rate with 242,271 cases, less than 1.4 million behind the US. The death count in Russia is 2,212, but more than 60% of coronavirus patients died of other causes in April.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump termed the recommendations, which may help in slowing down the spread of the virus, of an expert inappropriate. Trump mentioned that he was shocked by Anthony Fauci’s warning against reopening the economy and schools this early.

Trump further pressed on the fact that the country must go back to its normal routine. The president used the Federal Reserve Chief Jerome Powell’s forecast to support his claim. Powell mentioned that if appropriate measures are not taken then the country could face the worst economic recession similar to World War 2. Jerome also highlighted the fact that unemployment rate can reach new heights, which will create more economic problems. 

Till today, more than 4.36 million people have contracted the virus and around 300,000 people globally have died due to the coronavirus. Moreover, a gathering in Seoul night club in South Korea increased added around 24,000 cases. Seoul’s mayor as a result issued directives to shutdown various bars and entertainment centers in the capital. 

On Thursday, Japanese local news agencies have announced that Japan is expected to increase emergency for 39 of its 47 prefectures, while Tokyo is to retain certain measures until the coronavirus is convincingly contained.

On Wednesday, Brazil registered a record num