Google has launched a tab grouping feature for Android phones. They have been working on their Google Chrome version of Android, as well as other various related features, since 2019.

The Google Chrome extension for tab grouping is a feature that helps keep users information organized on their terms. It is for the first time that the developers at Google have provided this feature for Android platform.

The people will be able to identify their tasks easily as all the information will be displayed on one screen. Previously, the people using Android were unable to navigate through different tabs on Google Chrome.

The idea behind introducing this feature on the Android version is to ensure that people like the new UI. The reason for rolling out these updates regularly is to keep the audience on the hook.

For Android users, this update is available on Google PlayStore. Users don’t have to subscribe or have to do it manually. If a user doesn’t want to update your Android phone with the tab grouping feature, they can disable it from Google Chrome settings.

Google also plans to introduce a visible incognito switcher to facilitate the Android users.

There is a chance that iOS users will also get this update soon. But the company has not come up with any statement on rolling out this feature for them.

Google is always keeping an upper hand in the technology sector and this feature indicates in that direction. They are always looking for ways to ease up the lives of the people from time to time.