Despite being sad at the loss of the Google+ platform, it is really important for us to let people know what’s happening around.

Google has announced the shutdown of Google+ which will begin on April 2nd, 2019. This process was going to take place in August but after a second mishap Google experienced recently, it has no choice but to shut it down as soon as possible before some serious loss occurs.

In March last year, Google encountered a security bug in Google+ which affected the privacy of 500,000 Google+ users. Their private data such as photos, contacts, and emails were accessed by some third-party applications. The second security bug has been experienced recently with the privacy breach of about 52 million users, which definitely is a great shock for Google and the users all across the globe.

Considering these, Google thought it’d be wise to shut down Google+ before its users land in any serious situations. However, Google has initiated a process known as ‘Takeout’ through which the users can download and archive all their personal data such as pages, videos, photos and contacts etc. So, when Google+ shuts down, the data can still be yours.

Now, the interesting part is that Google is not only taking Google+ away from us but also the ‘Inbox by Gmail’ feature

This Inbox by Gmail app was launched in 2014 to assist the users in handling their messages through short-cut features such as generating replies automatically, creating the bundles to be viewed later on, and whatnot. The users who get frequent emails or handle their business through Gmail are going to miss this app a lot. It made life quite easy, worked instantly and able to be used on the go.

Google has revealed the shutdown date of Inbox to be April 2nd, 2019, the same date as Google+ is going away! Many of the Android users have already received the notifications like, “You can find your favorite inbox features in the Gmail app!” with a link to the Gmail app as well.

Many of the peculiar features have been moved from ‘Inbox by Gmail’ to the regular Gmail inbox, while some still remain. We hope we find features like Nudges, Inline attachments, and Smart Reply in the regular Gmail app as well.

In the process of shutting down, Google has already made the app difficult to access in the Play Store. On the announced date, it will be removed for good. With the removal however, emails are going to be daily chores which take more time to be dealt with.

Despite the fact that Google has announced the transfer of the significant features to regular Gmail, the timeline is not yet revealed. As frequent users and ‘Inbox by Gmail’ lovers, we hope that happens soon.

As of now, we still have around a week to move to the normal Gmail app and get used to it. With time, hopefully Google is going to add more new features to its regular Gmail inbox to assist its users as it always does.