Due to the sudden and rapid increase in coronavirus cases, the state of California has plans to issue stay-at-home orders. Specifically, the order targets areas where the intensive care units are running out of capacity and operating at as low as 15%.

These areas are expected to cover most of California in the next few days, which is alarming many citizens. The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, announced these new restrictions recently.

It is reported that California is experiencing the highest number of coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic. The Governor also stated that if action is not taken immediately, it will exhaust their hospital facilities of what few resources they have left.

Lack of intensive care units for patients will automatically lead to an increased number of fatalities in California. Hence, the Governor is taking action beforehand to avoid further complications.

To understand this, the state has been divided into five major areas. The areas are San Joaquin, Southern California, Sacramento Area, the Bay, and Northern California.

Among those five regions, four of them have reached a point where the ICU capacity will decrease to 15% in two days. The Bay area is the only area that does not come under this category, but it will by mid-December.

The coronavirus pandemic has made a lot of countries suffer and the United States is no exception. The pandemic has claimed thousands of lives and there’s no end to it in sight.

More than 280,000 lives have been lost in the US due to the coronavirus and the numbers are increasing every day. Not only did people suffer from the loss of lives, but also rampant unemployment.

The US economy has been hit gravely by the pandemic causing many businesses and to completely shut down. To avoid further damage, a lot of the companies have resorted to employee layoffs.

This strategy has left millions of people unemployed and they are fending for themselves amid a health crisis.

20 million jobs have been lost ever since the pandemic reached the US and earning a livelihood has become tough. The effects of the pandemic seemed to have reduced a little in the past few months, but it is spreading at an alarming rate once again.