An improvised Haitian migrant camp that secured 15,000 individuals underneath an overpass in Del Rio, Texas, for the last week has been cleaned up, according to Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas. However horrific scenes of panicked Haitians’ struggles continue to cause President Joe Biden a philanthropic and political turmoil.

Facts to Remember

Many Americans were surprised to see Border Patrol officials on horses using whip-like straps to prevent Haitians from crossing the border, mainly Biden’s Democratic colleagues, whereas Republicans slammed the President because of not pursuing a stronger line on undocumented immigrants.

Mayorka stated “Of the 15,000 refugees who had been in the Haitian Migrant camp during this week, roughly 8,000 “willfully” entered the Rio Grande back into Mexico, 2,000 got transferred to Haiti, as well as the other 5,000 who had already been relocated as they face deportation procedures.”

Mexican officials apparently cleaned up a Haitian Migrant camp from across the Rio Grande in Acuna, Mexico, that several immigrant families had utilized as a holding area before entering the United States on Friday.

The majority of the refugees and migrants living in Haitian Migrant camps arrived in the United States following a treacherous trip across South America to the United States-Mexico border, leading the Office of Homeland Security to stress last weekend that, “our borders are not open.”

The United States boosted the deportations into Haiti and dispatched dozens of Border Patrol personnel to Del Rio to deal with the problem.

The United States’ special representative to Haiti, Daniel Foote, quit his job on Thursday in outrage at the ruling to send several of the immigrants to Haiti, something he called “heartless” considering the country’s insecurity after the killing of its President, as well as a terrible earthquake.

You can check out the pictures released on the media platforms from here. We will keep you updated as the situation unfolds.