Bruised is a Netflix original film in which Halle Berry stars and directs. After breaking her ribs, the actress waited three days before going to the hospital.

It was less agonising for Halle Berry, 55, to break her ribs when filming the fight scenes for Bruised than to see herself perform on television. The Oscar-winning actress said that she had to rewatch her current picture many times, which she described as the most difficult aspect.

Because they have to talk about it, Halle Berry maintains that she only sees herself on the screen once. This is because she must be well-informed about the movie before it is released, rather than after the premiere. She believes it was very tough for her to go back over and over again and see herself in the video.

Halle confesses to lying about breaking her ribs during filming a fight scene in order to be able to continue filming until she was taken to the hospital after the shooting was completed.

On The Graham Norton Show, the actress stated why she wanted to keep her injuries hidden, arguing that it would have jeopardised the production if she had revealed them.

In Bruised, Halle explains that the visually impressive battle scenes weren’t always executed exactly as planned.

She states that she has persisted, and she thinks that her combat training has taken over and she is no longer in danger. She says that once the filming was completed, she told everyone about her injury and was then taken to the hospital for treatment. 

Halle plays a disgraced mixed martial arts fighter in the film, where she competes against one of the sport’s rising stars while also caring for her 6-year-old son.