Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, got slammed by the supporters of Israel for backing a college student who called out the country for committing ‘ethnic genocide’ against Palestinians.

On Tuesday, Kamala Harris made a surprise visit to George Mason University and interacted with the students of political science class to discuss voting rights in the U.S. and encourage voter registration. On her visit, she came across this student who raised her concerns regarding the U.S. military and financial support to the“ethnic genocide country Israel and UAE.

The student said, ‘I see that over the summer there have been, like, protests and demonstrations in astronomical numbers standing with Palestine, but then just a few days ago there were funds allocated to continue backing Israel, which hurts my heart because it’s ethnic genocide and displacement of people, the same that happened in America, and I’m sure you’re aware of this,’

Here’s the video of the discussion,

The student also argued that the billions of dollars that the government is spending in support of Israel could have gone to the struggling locals for their healthcare and housing instead of “inflaming Israel and backing Saudi Arabia and what-not.”

On the student’s concerns, Kamala Harris replied that she “was glad” that somebody raised concerns regarding the issue and that her voice should be heard loud in democracy.

Harris said, “And again, this is about the fact that your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth, should not be suppressed, and it must be heard, right? And one of the things we’re fighting for in a democracy, right?”

She also claimed that “democracy is at its weakest when anyone is left out of the conversation.”

She encouraged the student saying, “Our goal should be unity, but not uniformity, right?” and said, “Unity should never be at the expense of telling anyone personally that, for the sake of Unity, ‘Oh, you be quiet about that thing. You suppress that thing. Let’s not deal with that thing.’ That’s not Unity. True Unity is everyone in that room has a voice”.

She further added, “The point that you are making about policy that relates to Middle East policy, foreign policy, we still have healthy debates in our country about what is the right path, and nobody’s voice should be suppressed on that,”

As per the Israeli military officials, they are tracking the Hamas militants for a couple of weeks and have been raiding places after receiving immediate threats.