Makers of the popular heartburn relief drug known as Zantac have been forced to pay out over $5 billion in compensation due to damages linked to their product. Many who took Zantac, or it’s generic clone Ranitidine, have suffered some form of cancer as a result. 

In light of this, courts around the country have ordered the pharmaceutical producers of the drug to compensate their victims, allowing the Zantac class action to emerge. Like many class actions before it, this allows victims who inadvertently suffered from using Zantac to band together and seek compensation that they are rightfully owed.

Within it’s 10 year life span on the market, Zantac quickly surged to become a prominent medical aid for those suffering from severe indigestion, which makes it all the worse that the product links to several forms of cancer.

Users across the country are startled, as they’d been taking what seemed like a miracle medicine regularly for years. And for many, it would have life changing consequences.

If you or a loved one have suffered a condition in the wake of using Zantac, you may have compensation pending based on the details of your case. It is critically important that you verify your information before it’s too late.

Click here to verify if your case qualifies for potential compensation.

With the overwhelming number of cases currently being taken by law firms, it is imperative you get your claim evaluated immediately. The more cases added, the less time available for legal representatives to help your inquiry.

You only stand to strengthen your case the sooner you submit your claim evaluation. Get ahead of the curve and make sure your claim is evaluated today.


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