This year is going to end with storms all across the United States of America as the country will witness record-breaking snow and rain. With heavy rains and snowfall, many New Year’s Eve celebrations are going to be ruined.

Western New York was hit with a snowstorm, which was a result of Cold Arctic air on the East Coast. There have been records showing over 18 inches of snowfall at Buffalo International Airport.

Although these figures are limited to one region only, similar patterns were seen across the country. Western Pennsylvania recorded up to 14 inches of snow in this storm that is traveling across the country.

This pattern is to be continued by the end of this year and even on New Year’s Eve. The celebrations were already disturbed by the coronavirus and now the storm.

This year has been tough for the community and this storm is adding to the problems of the people. Heavy rain and snowfall are going to hit many states across the US and the temperatures will fall below expectations.

In Florida, freeze warnings have been issued to the people where the temperature is going to be unbearable. There is a silver lining as it is hoped that the winds are likely to dissipate by the weekend.

This storm’s next targets are Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota as the storm moves in a new direction. It is expected that it is going to rain heavily in Texas and this is going to be devastating for the area.

Thunderstorms Across the US are Expected on New Year’s EveThe country always goes through natural calamities as it has a unique landscape that is unpredictable. Although the country has an infrastructure to support these disasters, they still manage to cause problems.

Amidst the increasing coronavirus cases, the country has to fight the natural disasters headed its way. The people of America are united on every front to tackle any situation.

The heavy rain and snowfall are going to be devastating as life may come to a halt on New Year’s Eve. But the people are still hoping to see some big changes around the corner in the New Year.

This hope of seeing the new developments in 2021 is keeping them going and it is a good sign. As heavy snowfall and rainfall are expected across the country, the state and local governments have issued warnings to the people.