Legendary actress Helen Mirren has stated that she is devastated and completely “heartbroken” after the sad demise of her stepson Rio Hackford.

Rio Hackford was 51. The Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren and her husband director Taylor Hackford released a statement together stating that Rio Hackford has died of uveal melanoma- a very rare and aggressive kind of cancer.

“His life showed us how to live in generosity and community,” they said. “He shared his life’s journey with so many who now mourn him, and at the same time, celebrate their fortune in knowing him.”

Hellen Mirren and director Taylor Hackford got married in 1997. They further stated that they “are both inspired by the life of our son and stepson, Rio Hackford, and heartbroken by his loss

We would beg everyone reading this to get their eyes tested at least once a year, which might save their loved ones from this cancer.”

Alex Hackford stated that his brother Rio Hackford died in Huntington Beach, California on Thursday.

Rio Hackford was a renowned actor and was famous for his shows such as Treme, The Mandalorian, and American Crime Story.

The late actor is survived by musician Libby Grace who is his wife and two children along with brother Alex and his friends and family.

Mirren paid a small tribute to the late actor after his sad untimely demise. She posted a picture of him on her official Instagram handle titled as “El Rio”.

A lot of friends and close allies posted a tribute to their beloved friend and s wonderful actor.

He owns several restaurants across the United States of America apart from acting. The actor started his career as a child artist and later on joined the fraternity as an action hero.

He had found success recently on television after successfully portraying Toby in an HBO series called Treme.