Past users of the now recalled acid reflux treatment Zantac are potentially eligible for compensation based on their condition details. If you or a loved one have either purchased or felt negative ramifications based on your use of Zantacplease proceed to our site to start filing ASAP. 

Statistics show the longer a case takes to set up, the less likely it is to pay out, so it is crucial you verify your case’s eligibility with a case review.

Our team of experts can help assess your claim and determine your chances of winning with a quick evaluation. It is important you seek what you are owed, so don’t sit by and go uncompensated for your suffering. 

To qualify for a Zantac lawsuit, you must have purchased Zantac from a pharmacy or other drug store. You must have also relied on faulty warnings that did not specify that NDMA or other component parts within Zantac may lead to health problems like cancer for you or a loved one after taking the drug.

If you feel you qualify for Zantac compensation, please begin your claim immediately.

Visit our site to learn more about the Class Action process. Seek the legal representative you need.