In just a few years, YouTube evolved from a basic video-sharing site to a massive social networking platform that facilitates human connection. According to Statista’s 2020 figures, YouTube is the second most used application, with monthly active users being more than 2000.

As of May 2020, YouTube had more than thirty-one million channels. To raise money, both YouTubers create videos and promote their material on the web. YouTube recently launched a new function called “Highlighted Comment.” which has perplexed a large number of citizens worldwide. Millions of citizens want to know what is a highlighted comment on YouTube.

This is a detailed explanation of what is a highlighted comment on Youtube:

YouTube highlighted comment: What does that mean?

YouTube’s latest functionality of comment highlights streamlines the experience of browsing.

If you’re the video’s producer or a casual observer, anybody can highlight a comment in any video. Everything you have to do on YouTube is press on the timestamp which can be seen next to the user’s name.

For a viewer, the benefit is easy to understand. When anyone reacts to their comment, they get a notification telling them they have received a “Highlighted Reply.” However, the true value of this feature is for the video’s owner. As the owner of the video highlights a comment, it makes it easier for them to reply to it and find it later in a large pool of comments.

It streamlines and simplifies the browsing process entirely. The highlighted comments are positioned above the pinned comment to make them more visible. When a comment gets highlighted, YouTube assigns it a unique URL. To reverse this action, you must return the URL to its original format.

YouTubers are finding it simple to weed out critical and positive feedback with the highlighted comment element. Prior to the addition of this functionality, it was difficult to browse and locate meaningful comments, let alone react to them.

Are they accessible to the public?

When a comment is highlighted, it appears above the pinned response. You might have already guessed, though, the function has little impact on how others view the comment portion. Therefore, if you highlight a comment, it may not appear on the machines of others. YouTube implements it locally through the creation of a unique URL. And no one will be able to see it except those with links to the above URL.

How will a highlighted comment be undone?

As stated previously, YouTube generates a unique URL for you once you highlight a comment. Thus, undoing the highlight is as simple as restoring the URL to its original condition.

If you want to delete a comment which is highlighted, all you need to do is simply delete the portion beginning with “&lc” in the URL.

The final bit will be the video’s initial URL. To reload the tab, press enter.

What happens when you highlight a comment?

When anyone clicks on the comment’s timestamp and highlights it, the comment’s author receives a notification that tells them that the comment they made has been highlighted. As a result, if anyone considers your comment interesting and wishes to highlight it, you will receive a notification for “Highlighted Reply.”

YouTube Top Comments

If you’re a regular visitor, you’ve also noticed that such comments receive an absurd number of likes and are shown at the peak. Thus, the ‘Top comments’ on YouTube are essentially those that have accumulated a large number of likes. To see the most recent comments, simply click the ‘Sort By’ button and choose ‘Newest First.’

When your comment on Youtube is Pinned

If a video maker pins your comment to the top of their video, this indicates that they value your opinion and want audiences to see it first. Similarly, if you are a producer, you may opt to pin a message — maybe endorsing one of your other videos. When a comment is pinned, it becomes the first item in the comment section.

Are highlighted comments negative?

Certainly not. The highlighted tag appears regardless of the topic of the comment.

Having said that, this does pose privacy concerns, especially about tracking.

Is it Beneficial to Highlight Comments?

A highlighted comment on YouTube is entirely useful as a convenient feature. This is particularly true if you are attempting to refine your channel.

Without a doubt, YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the internet. Highlighted comments have the ability to expand the scope of your content and, as a result, the visibility of your channel.

As previously said, these comments are often shown first in the comment portion. Needless to mention, many viewers scroll down to the comments section to start a discussion or to see what other viewers had to say about the film.

Along with the conversation, they peruse the commentators’ platforms or profiles. Viewers also visit the channels’ pages and, if they like the video material, can subscribe to the YouTuber’s website. If your comment gets highlighted, your channel can be one of those too.

To wrap it up

YouTube can be an intimidating marketing tool, particularly for beginners. Any YouTuber wishes their channel will do better than the day before. Although the highlighted comment or reply function does not have any direct benefits, it will aid in the optimization of your YouTube page.

It has the power to bind you with new audiences and raise the number of people who visit your channel on a daily basis. However, how many of them linger and click the “Subscribe” button is a whole different story and is entirely dependent on how much they like the content you post with your videos.

We’ve shared information about YouTube’s often used highlighted comment element in this blog. Nonetheless, the term is somewhat deceptive in the eyes of audiences and YouTubers. Additionally, we addressed all other facets and concerns associated with this term. Let us hope they cleared your confusion.