August 26 is World Dog Day and it allows paying tribute to man’s best friend and to remind people how important it is to take care of them.

World Dog Day is supported by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The organization works daily and around the world to contribute to projects that improve the quality of care given to dogs.

This organization works continuously to improve the living conditions of dogs around the world. This World Dog Day wants to honor the links that unite humans and this animal for millennia and all over the planet.

Over the centuries and millennia, the dog has made itself indispensable to the various communities and human civilizations. Today, our 4-legged friends excel in many areas and make our lives easier in so many ways.

They come to our aid during disasters and accidents. They guide us when we no longer have all our means. They protect us, detect our diseases long before the most sophisticated machines, support us, and comfort us.

Between life-saving exploits and moving stories showing the intelligence, loyalty, and sensitivity of our canine companions, we think that this day is what they deserve.

All dogs are in the spotlight, all breeds, there are more than 350, from the largest to the smallest, the dangerous, the affectionate, the intelligent, and those who are less.

And they are indeed varied, from the big ones which can measure up to 90cm in height to the very small ones which weigh at most only 3kg.

Hip Hip Hooray for International Dog DaySome pass for more intelligent than others, the poodle or the German shepherd for example; we say the golden retriever and others are very affectionate.

It is not just the companion dog who spends his days sluggishly seated on the cushions of the basket and stuffs himself with treats while waiting for the little daily walk. Some are bred to participate in beauty contests.

Some work and who are often educated for it. They guard the herds, guide the blind, help the police, detect drugs or ammunition, search for and rescue victims of earthquakes, or various catastrophes.

But the picture is not always so ideal, it should be remembered that animals are abandoned the most and a third of them are dogs.

When they are no longer efficient enough in the eyes of their master, they are then exposed to the worst abuses, hung from trees, starving, thrown into wells. Despite numerous complaints from several countries, the situation is only improving very slowly and this ancestral practice still claims several thousand victims each year.