With Joe Biden’s Presidential Inauguration Ceremony all set to take place on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, lawmakers, this past Wednesday, were tasked with verifying the Electoral College votes secured by Biden.

This is when pro-Trump protestors violently broke into the Capitol and started destroying things left, right, and center. The actual shock came when law enforcement didn’t take any concrete actions to normalize the situation.

It was truly an embarrassing incident and resulted in many people getting injured. Since yesterday, several top Hollywood celebrities have come forward to condemn the protestors’ actions, express their grief, and share their reactions.

The Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B reflected on how Wednesday’s protestors were the ones who criticized the BLM protests. She called out the hypocrisy of Wednesday’s protestors and claimed that she would be watching how everything unfolds.

The Captain America star Chris Evans sent out multiple tweets to condemn the violent events from Wednesday. His general reaction was expressed in one of his tweets comprising just two words, “I’m speechless”. Evans also wrote that “so many people” were responsible for Wednesday’s embarrassing events.

The There You Go Singer Pink didn’t hesitate to say that she was ashamed of what went down at the Capitol. Pink brought up her family’s army background and labeled the Capitol siege as embarrassing, shameful, unpatriotic, and ironic. Pink claimed that it was a sad day for the US.

TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio also came forward with a statement of her own. She expressed concern regarding everyone’s safety and stressed how difficult of a day this past Wednesday was for the entire nation.

Birdman actor Michael Keaton was shocked by how the police reacted and revealed that he was chased and exposed to tear gas when he protested against the war back in the 70s. Keaton also brought up how the same police that didn’t do anything on Wednesday were fully ready during the BLM protests.

Ashton Kutcher didn’t hold back any punches either. He took a sarcastic jab at the “peaceful transition of power”.

Renowned director James Gunn sent out a couple of tweets condemning Trump for not stopping his followers in a timely manner. Gunn first stated that Trump had enough influence to control a significant part of the violence, and all he had to do was ask his followers to stop but he didn’t.

Later, when Trump issued a tweet, Gunn called him out for doing so after the protestors had stormed into the Capitol.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, several other celebrities and personalities from other fields have come forward to express disgust at the Capitol siege.