Home Depot is the only largest retailer and supplier of the tools and equipment used in manufacturing and construction with many other services in the USA region and some parts of Mexico and Canada.

Being one of the largest retailers in the region, they have an enormous count of employees which is approximately around 500,000. This huge count with a revenue of 132.11 billion made them provide additional perks for their employees.

With the changing medical needs of the employees especially due to the pandemic and raising complexities that the international economy has seen in the past few years, Home Depot has launched a Home Depot Home Check Application for its employees.

What is the Home Check Home Depot App?

Home Depot home check application is designed for associates and SSC non-associates living in the US. The application is intended to help associates and customers with health and safety issues. Whether they are able to work in their current circumstances. 

Whenever someone wishes to use the application, he or she needs to fill out a Home Depot health check questionnaire which will identify the eligibility of the worker, if they are allowed to make an account as an associate or an SSC non-associate. The questionnaire can be accessed inside the app, once filled, it will determine whether the candidate is eligible to have the benefits from the Home Depot employee health check application or not.

The information gathered from the application is shared with the government and other agencies if needed also, to decide the eligibility to work.  Now let’s further discuss the Home Depot health check app, how to download it and what benefits it can provide, device requirements, process, and login information.

How to download the Home Depot Health Check App?

To download the Home Depot health check application, there’s no specific device or software is required as App Store or Play Store is required in android or iPhones to download an application. This is because a Home Depot home check application is a web-based application that can be used through your default web browser. Anyone who wishes to join in has to proceed through a dedicated link and go along the procedure to fill out the questionnaire and check if they are able to work and are not affected with COVID-19. 

The application may not work on the outdated browser application, delay the process, or show errors on your phone or PC. For these reasons, you may need to use an updated web browser.  Once you are done with the questionnaire you are required to go through a login process. For this, you would need the following essentials to have an uninterrupted login process.

Things required to login Home Depot Employee Health Check App

  • Stable internet connection
  • Pc/Laptop/Phone with the latest version of Chrome/Firefox browser installed
  • User ID: AIS ID or LAN ID.
  • Valid Store No. or 9100 for corporates. 

How to login into Homedepot Health Check App?

Home Depot health check associate login process is easy to go with. Just by following some simple steps, you log in to your Home Depot health check associates application easily.

Visit the official website URL of the retailer app homedepot.com from your latest browser. The landing page will guide you through the process. Just look through the steps to follow and you will have smooth transitions.

  1. Once visiting the official website, select the associate option from Associate and SSC Non-Associate.
  1. Fill out these required fields where you need to enter your User ID, location, and Password.
  1. You will be logged in to your account by just clicking sign in.

Non- Associate health check Home Depot login process

  1. Follow the same steps from your updated web browser to visit homedeopt.com
  2. Click on SSC non-associate button on your right.
  1. Fill out the required fields on the form once you choose the SSC non-Associate option. Here, put in your First and last name, THD Contact numbers, Phone Number, Badge ID, and Company name.
  1. Click Submit

Benefits of the Home Depot Health Check App

Although this is one of the greatest opportunities that employees and associates would have from Home Depot health check retailer. The following are the benefits that they would be privileged to have;

  1. The employees of the retailer would be allowed to check their health parameters along with blood pressure at any time in their lives and for countless times. This opportunity would be a great help for those who work tirelessly and for long hours standing and performing strenuous activities. By monitoring the blood pressure and other parameters, the company would know the health condition of an employee and would identify the cure before it gets worse or even starts.
  1. Continuous monitoring of employees’ health would be a great chance for those who work sitting in front of the computers all day long and do not do enough movements or exercise throughout the day.
  1. With the help of the Home Depot health check program, employees are encouraged to perform better and stay healthy while performing their day to day tasks.
  1. In addition to that, health monitoring would prevent the common diseases that occur in people who work for long hours either sitting in front of the computer or standing to work on machines. Also, it is beneficial for the workers who work with dangerous machines and equipment and continuous checkup will identify built up of any symptoms that can cause sudden accidents during work.
  1. Also, the Home Depot Health Check Program helps the workers to have a break from their tiring work and calm their bodies and nerves after a hard labor day. This will allow them to prevent their bodies from chronic diseases such as heart attacks and back strains while working all day long without having a break.
  1. It will shun the possibilities of getting affected by diseases so the workers can deliver their best every time.
  1. The Home Depot Health Check Program is useful for both employer and employee as workers know that they are healthy enough to perform a job responsibly and will be taken off in critical situations. While the employers are satisfied that a healthy workforce is on its duty.
  1. In situations where an employee shows symptoms of any disease, he will be treated with the medication and sent to see doctors before the disease spreads in the body and affects the performance of a worker.

Benefits for Homedepot Associate Health Check and SSC Non-associates Healthcheck

Benefits from the Home Depot Health Check Program are segregated according to job plans. They include part-time, full-time, hourly, and salary associates.

Part-time Associates

  • Life insurance
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Short-term Disability Insurance

Work-life Benefits

  • Associate discounts
  • Adoption assistance
  • Care/solution for life
  • Back-up Dependent care
  • METDesk (Special Needs Dependent Assistance)
  • Matching Gift Program
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Team Depot Volunteer events
  • Tax Preparation Discount program
  •  Tuition reimbursements
  • Tobacco Cessation Program

Full-time Hourly & Salaried Associates

  • Disability Insurance
  • Dental
  • Accidental Death Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance
  • Medical Benefits
  • Life Insurance
  • Vision Benefits
  • Spending Accounts Benefits
  • Disability Insurance Benefits

Group Benefits

  • Legal Service Plan
  • Auto / Homeowner Insurance
  • Veterinary Insurance

Time–Off Benefits

  • Holidays
  • Leave of Absence
  • Bereavement Days
  • Jury Duty
  • Vacation
  • Personal /Sick Days

Financial Benefits

  • FutureBuilder 401(k) Plan
  • Bank Incentives and Direct Deposit
  • Spending Accounts
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

Home Depot Healthcheck App Key Features

Other than just health check attributes, homedepot healthcheck program has other key features to mention as well. It enables the user to check out the extensive list of their products related to constructions and manufacturing in-store and online. If they want to know more about a product at the store, they can just simply scan the barcode and get all the information about the product. It will minimize the need for an associate to help them know about the specification and the information about the product and save a lot of time for both customers and associates.

Another feature of the application is it lets you talk to a representative online and one of the best features that the app entails is the Augmented Reality Function which enables users to see how a particular piece of furniture will look at the specified space in their house.

Want to know what would a faucet look like in your kitchen? You don’t even need to visit the store and have the hassle of selecting from many others. Just pick the ones you like and check through the augmented reality function. And that’s all.

About Home Depot

Home Depot is one of the largest home equipment retailers in the United States and is well-known for providing home improvements tools and services. The business was established in 1978 by Arthur Blank, Bernard Marcus, Kenneth Langone, and Ron Brill Pat Farrah.

The headquarters of the company is located in an independent Cobb region of Georgia along with an Atlanta mailing address.

If you are an associate or SSC non-associate you can join in the benefits mentioned above by just simply signing up to the Home Depot home check application which can help you in saving lots of money in medical tests and monitoring your health standards. In case of any help or query, you can contact on the following information.

Phone number – 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337)

Official Website – www.homedepot.com

Services Distributed at Home Depot

The Home Depot health check is a health checklist that is planned by US associates and SSC non-associates for non-affiliated individuals.  This health-related health check form must be filled out once you reach your regular work and begin your health check analysis. While performing your day-to-day tasks at your workplace during the health check analysis, you have to follow some safety and health procedures stated before entering into the medical analysis.

If you want to add free time during your health check examination, you can request it through an application to change or add the time or travel time to the Home Depot health check once you complete your scheduled work.

Additionally, when we speak about the Home Depot home check app, there are many features that are worth mentioning. Precisely, the information about your health cannot be modified by the users themselves. Basic self-functioning of the Home Depot home check app includes editing and reviewing your profile information, downloading the tax statements and payslips, payroll card activation, updating, reviewing, and checking the status of your leave application, and approvals, enrollments, etc.

Final Words

Comprehending the crucial health circumstances, companies like Home Depot have to implement the change for the endless support of the employees, clients, and associations which will eventually help the betterment of the organization.

The health check is mandatory and every involved person should follow the process. Skipping health checks can only be done on non-working days. Also, accessing the stores will only be possible once the questionnaire in the home depot health check app is filled in. You need to fill all the required fields. Leaving any area can end up in other consequences.


What is a Home Depot health check?

Home depot health check is an application designed for the US and non-SSC-associated participants to monitor their health and make sure they are fit for the required job.

How to download the Home Depot health check screening program?

To download the home depot health check application, you just need to visit https://healthcheck.homedepot.com/  from your laptop or mobile’s updated web browser. Follow the steps above if you are not already registered in the application by utilizing the options for Associate and non-SSC associate.

Is it necessary to monitor your health and have regular check-ups all the time?

Staying healthy during your working hours will result in a better performance at work. To have a regular checkup while working for Home Depot, take the benefits of the Home Depot health check screening program by just registering yourself.

How to take the Life Depot Home Test?

For workers, visit the website and click on Associate, enter user ID, password, and location. For non-workers, click on SSC non-associates, enter badge ID, user name, phone, and company to access the Life Depot Home Test.