The COVID-19 has affected our lives for good, and the aftermath continues.

The hospitals around the USA have reported a sudden spike in the number of patients suffering from liver diseases. According to the reports, the number of patients has been up by 30% as compared to 2019 and this indicates a substantial alcohol abuse in people under 40 years of age.

Alcoholism has been a problem for Americans even before the advent of the pandemic. Tens of millions have suffered from alcohol addiction, and it is only getting worse with the passage of time. The hospitals across the country have been overwhelmed with a sudden increase in the number of patients suffering from alcohol-related liver diseases.

There are various reasons for the sudden increase in the number. It can be because of unemployment, anxiety, depression, and other issues related clearly to the pandemic. According to a survey, the number of people who were drinking in pre-pandemic months has increased their consumption up to 30%. Simultaneously, the alcohol beverage sales have skyrocketed by 54% across the USA.

If not curtailed, this can trigger the next epidemic across the country. The main issue is that the bodily manifestations of alcohol do not show up in days. It takes years to cause damage to the liver. Alcohol abuse can lead to heart diseases also and different kinds of cancer as well. In short, it weakens the immune system permanently, leaving the person more vulnerable if he is already affected by the novel coronavirus.

Depression and anxiety and psychological problems are at a peak right now and the easiest outlet for relief is alcohol, therefore, the consumption has increased.