The House Democrats have passed a $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, proposed by President Joe Biden. The $15 minimum wage rule has not been included in the bill.

Elizabeth MacDonough, the parliamentarian of the US Senate has claimed that the minimum wage clause could not be added to the coronavirus stimulus bill because it didn’t meet the criteria set under the special reconciliation process.

To ratify the bill, 51 votes are required out of the 100 members in the House chamber. The outcome is utterly surprising, as far as the exclusion minimum wage rate clause is concerned.

President Biden has expressed his disappointment over the exclusion of the minimum wage clause from the bill. He wanted to include the minimum wage rule in the stimulus package. Currently, the federal minimum wage rate in the U.S. is $7.25.

pass $1.9 trillion American Rescue PlanThe minimum wage in the United States has not been raised since 2009 and the job market is seeking compensation to pay the employees.

A majority of Americans believe that the present minimum wage is not viable in the current economic situation. Many lawmakers believe that the $15 minimum wage rule must apply to large companies only.

The bill proposes a distribution of $1,400 to households with $75,000 earning income per year.

Senator Mitch McConnell has also objected to the legislation, claiming that millions of taxpayers’ money must not be a part of the pandemic recovery plan.

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1 month ago

We can only hope that the senate does endorse this atrocity. this plan is to save the inept democrats that have misused their states and cities funds at the expense of the entire country. It makes no sense in a bill supposedly to help Americans that send more money to other countries than it does to amerricans. This is how the democrats destroy this country they are bankrupting us, so they can then claim our only way out is socialism with a single party government that they control

Teresa Padget
Teresa Padget
1 month ago
Reply to  billp

Hallelujah! Someone that finally speaks the truth. THANKS! Hopefully they also STOP REWRITING THE CONSTIUTIONS!!!!! Like when they made us buy, or pay a fine for, Obama Care yet they kept their great health insurance! What’s good for us should be as good for them! I do agree with minimum wage increase but hate that our gas and taxes are going to be ridiculously high!