If someone is not answering your calls or messages, then there are many reasons behind it, but it is also possible that they may have blocked your number. Blocking an annoying call is very easy these days, and it is also a common feature provided on all phones.

If we are talking about the old phone, they did not have such features, but now phones are getting smarter, and they provide you the ability to block any spam calls.

Now you must be thinking about how do you know if someone blocks your number or not. Do not worry; here we are going to discuss some insights that would help you to determine if someone has blocked your number.

How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number

In the era of the internet and technology, it has become super easier to block someone on any of the platforms you use. However, if you are curious about how do you know if someone blocks your number, get a look below and know some tactics that will help you to see if you are blocked or not.

Strange Messages When You Call Or Message

There is not a specific method that helps you to know if you are blocked or not. However, you can understand this by some clues like some notifications. If you constantly get any of these notifications from the other side, it means you are blocked.

  • The person you are trying to call is not available.
  • The person you are calling is out of reach.
  • The person you are calling right now is not accepting calls.
  • The number you are trying is currently busy, please try later

Call From Another Number

Sometimes there are issues with the network, but if you want to be sure that you are blocked or not, the best solution is to call from another number. You can borrow a friend’s phone or use your work phone.

If you reach the person from some other number but, not able to contact your number, then the chances are higher that you’ve been blocked.

Select the time when the person is free and call with your number and see what happens. Afterward, call another number and see if they accept your call or not. Keep in mind that you don’t really want to communicate. Just check how long it takes to go to voicemail.

The Number of Rings

If you were curious about how do you know if someone blocks your number, then notice the number of the rings when you call them. If you hear only one ring, then you are probably blocked. If you are facing this scenario, then the person has used the blocking feature, and if you hear two or three rings, then you are not blocked probably. The other person is just delaying or ignoring your calls so no need to panic.

Busy Signals

If you get a busy signal, again and again, it is possible that your number is blocked. Call after some days, and if you get the same result, then it is a prominent sign that your number is blocked by the other side.

How To Reach Someone Who Blocks You

Before making a call or message, it is really important to understand if the person wants to talk or not. If you call them again and again, you can get in some serious trouble. It is our responsibility to respect the other person who does not seem interested in talking.

But if there is some emergency so you can directly contact them on social media or call from another number by hiding your identity.

Another way to reach out to the person is to use internet services or some phone call apps. If you want to reach out to the person or want to know if someone has blocked your number, utilize the technology and see the outcome.

Finally, the last option is to call from a landline. Home-based phones do allow blocking any number. Give it a try and call them from the landline.

Final Words

Blocking a number is quite common these days. If you do not want to talk with someone or want to ignore some spam calls, then simply block that specific number. Likewise, your close friends or someone from your family can also block your number. At first, when you call them and get no answer, makes you feel anxious which makes you curious. That is why it is important to know whether someone has blocked you or in need. Hopefully, the signs we have shared would be beneficial for you to understand you are ignored or someone needs your help.