Since the outbreak of the coronavirus stays till now, scientists are continuously struggling to invent any vaccine but still no vaccine has been invented.

Scientists are not able to identify how the coronavirus kills. It’s still not identified whether these are the virus cells or the white immunity cells of the body which react in response when the virus enters the body.

Initially, when the virus occurred, doctors asked the patients to take immunity boosters such as steroids but recently, the scientists have found that people’s immune system has also played a part in killing them.

It might happen when the immune system shows no resistance against viruses, when they contact a person.

Coronavirus can hamper all functioning of the respiratory system when it attacked humans.

The doctors were doing everything to save the lives of people, because it’s a disease, that doctors knew nothing when it started to spread, some doctors have been giving unproven medicines considering the symptoms of the disease.

Scientists in China gave a hypothesis that it’s possible that it might not be only the coronavirus that damages the organs of the body such as the lungs, but a severe response of the immune system of the body might also causes significant damage to organs of the body.

It might be possible, that the immune system starts emitting the normal cells of the body due to the virus.

It was found, that people being killed by the disease had high protein levels in their bodies. A higher protein level is an indication that there might be macrophages that not only kill the harmful cells but also start killing the normal cells of the body and produce inflammation.

Scientists fear, that the immune system plays a part in killing the victims of coronavirus. Scientists aren’t able to choose the treatment because they are not able to figure out how the virus kills someone.