The coronavirus pandemic made almost every country implement lockdown which resulted in the closure of schools, colleges, offices, and other workplaces. People needed to communicate with each other to run their businesses and education.

For this, they used online platforms to establish contact along with following the rule of social distancing. Video conferencing through Zoom or Google Meet just peaked. The world became a virtual point to meet.

The usage of Google products increased sharply to the highest level and Google started to face problems in dealing with such a massive number of users online.

The SRE team started facing alerts like “Task failure issues” and “Too much load”, etc. The Google services are not built by strictly functioning capacities and ongoing regular issues do not even give alerts to SRE because the usage of these online conferencing products was less frequent before the coronavirus pandemic.

oogle Managed To Meet the Demand of users during Coronavirus

Additional resources were needed to be built in order to handle such a massive usage and the SRE team started working on it.

The main purpose was to prevent the excessively used product from breakdown. Workstreams, communication leads, managers were organized to tackle the breakdowns of the system and changes in production.

The available capacity of Zoom and Google Meet was increased by Google data centers around the world. The resource cost was gone cheapest but the reliability was all the same. T

Three million new users were added every day by the tech giant and there were more than a hundred million people participating in online meetings every day.

The Google workers had done all this in the same condition of lockdown along with helping their family and friends.

Google managed to meet the excessively increased demand for its products during the coronavirus pandemic.