If you want to install Windows 10, you have landed at the right place. Installing Windows 10 from USB is quite easy, but many of us still find it a daunting task. Don’t worry though. We have got you covered. In this article, we will guide you to install Windows 10 via USB. You will also learn how long it takes to install Windows 10 from USB on your system.

Without further ado, let’s hop on to answer your questions about the installation of Windows 10.

How to install Windows 10?

If you want to install Windows 10 via USB, you must consider these factors. The Windows 10 download will depend mainly on two major aspects. Number one: Speed of your internet.  Number two, the size of your file.

Moving on, first download Windows 10 ISO file either from the internet or by using the Media Creation Tool on the Microsoft site. Once the download is complete, it will take around one to two minutes for the system to get ready.

Your next step must be to prepare your USB flash drive to install Windows 10 on your desired PC. We recommend you use a USB because it will directly burn the ISO file. Otherwise, if you opt for DVD, you will have to burn the ISO file, which can take more time.

Once you have the USB ready, take out the flash drive from the PC and insert it into the other computer, in which you want to install Windows 10. Open the drive, select the set-up and install the new Windows. This installation may take up to 30 minutes to 1 hour.

We have mentioned the steps on how to install Windows 10 from the USB. However, if you have an older Windows version, and wish to upgrade, read below.

How to upgrade to Windows 10?

As far as an upgrade from the previous Windows series to Windows 10 is concerned, the process is not much different. However, if you want to upgrade your Windows 10 to the latest version, then you may have to follow the steps that we have mentioned below:

There is no rocket science in it. If you are upgrading your existing Windows 10, then use ‘an in-place upgrade’ available in the Media Creation Tools on the Microsoft website.

When you are carrying out this process, be prepared that you will have to spare at least 3 hours for this upgrade. It will take a longer time than installing Windows OS from scratch because your PC will need to back-up previous files and ensure it doesn’t lose data.

Here is how to do the main work. The day you see a pop-up on your screen, saying you need to upgrade your Windows OS, don’t close it. Click ‘Upgrade’, and your Windows 10 will go on automatic update. However, if you don’t have time then, you can schedule an automatic update for later.

Whenever you choose to upgrade, all you need to do is click the ‘Upgrade’ once and your Windows OS will start to download automatically. Once your download is complete, you should restart your PC. You are done with the upgrade like a pro.

How long does it take to install Windows 10 from USB – FAQs

It takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour for Windows 10 to download completely. However, it can take more or less time, depending on the configuration of your system.
If you use a USB to install Windows 10, it will complete the download much faster than an optical drive.
The boot time for Windows 10 is approximately 10 to 20 minutes.
First, format the drive, activate the primary partition, and then connect your USB to your driver. Copy and paste the whole Windows 10 setup to the USB and then start installing the Windows 10 OS.
There is no specific time exactly how long it takes for Windows 10 to reinstall. However, approximate time may range between 1 and 5 hours.