New Jersey’s Governor, Philip Dunton Murphy, is currently creating awareness about the possibilities and opportunities that people will have once marijuana is legally available. 

Murphy is talking about the benefits of marijuana to convince people and only focusing on the positives. How legalizing marijuana will benefit the state is something that is Murphy’s focus at the moment. 

After discussing the advantages of marijuana, Murphy is contemplating when his request to legalize it will be taken seriously by all the stakeholders. He mentioned that the implementation of this request should not take long. 

He also identified the losses the state is bearing as many people have been put behind bars for using it in the past. Therefore, a proper referendum should be held to decide it marijuana should be legalized or not.  


Murphy also emphasized the steps that should be taken before passing the bill to ensure its safe use. So that once it is in the market, its misuse does not create problems greater than the benefits it offers.

He further went on with clearer figures and classifications of what threats the ban may cause. 

How Long Will It Take To Legalize Marijuana in New Jersey

Murphy highlighted that the Native Americans and the people of color are way more likely to be convicted in drug cases which directly affects the economy. Also, marijuana can make common people end up in lifelong misery. 

Likewise, a sarcastic remark was made that under the present-day law the police are very much concerned with micro issues. This way the police department can focus on important issues as they don’t have to deal with these small problems. 

If issues of such little importance stay with police, it would become difficult for them to work on more serious problems. 

At last, he provides a procedure for the state residents to vote YES and make the history of N.J stand out!