Game of Thrones also commonly known as GoT, is a television series of dramatic and fantasy genres created by producers and screenwriters David Benioff and DB Weiss based on the series of novels A Song of Ice and Fire by author George RR Martin.

How many seasons of game of thrones are there?

73 episodes of Game of Thrones aired over eight seasons, between April 17, 2011, and May 19, 2019.

Here is a brief overview of eight seasons of Game of Thrones.

First Season

In this season the Seven Kingdoms are ruled by House Baratheon, with King Robert sitting on the Iron Throne.

The Baratheon family visits the Starks in Winterfell. There Robert proposes to his friend Ned, father of the Starks, that he be his hand and adviser.

At the end of the season, King Robert dies and the Lannisters accuse Ned as the sole culprit. Joffrey becomes king and has Ned Stark executed.

Second Season

In this season the brothers Renly and Stannis Baratheon fight for the throne after the death of their brother Robert.

Finally, the “Battle of Blackwater” takes place, where Stannis attacks the city of King’s Landing, although Tyrion manages to defeat his army.

Still from the Battle of Aguasnegras.

Third Season

In this season, Joffrey forces Tyrion Lannister, his uncle, to marry Sansa Stark and he is engaged to Margaery Tyrell.

For his part, Jon Snow travels beyond the Wall, meets the savages, and falls in love with a woman named Ygritte.

Finally, Robb Stark is betrayed and murdered along with his mother and fiancée during “The Red Wedding.”

Fourth Season

In this season the wedding of Joffrey and Margaery takes place, where the young king dies poisoned. Later, Cersei blames her brother Tyrion for what happened and sentences him to trial by combat.

Meanwhile, the Wildlings attack the Night’s Watch and Ygritte, Jon Snow’s love interest, is killed in battle.

Finally, Tyrion manages to escape with the help of his brother Jaime and kills his father and his lover before his escape.

Fifth Season

In this season, Tommen, Cersei’s youngest son, is the new king and Margaery Tyrell becomes his wife. Cersei is guilty of incest and is captured by a religious group, which provides her with harsh punishment, and has to walk naked through the streets until she reaches the Red Fort.

Arya trains on the island of Braavos to become one of the Faceless Men. Jon Snow strikes a deal with the Wildlings, but his fellow Night’s Watch disagrees and stabs him.

Season Six

Melisandre manages to resurrect Jon Snow. After escaping from Ramsay, Sansa reunites with her brother Jon. Jon’s priority now is protecting Westeros and preventing the White Walkers from breaking through the Wall.

Cersei decides to take revenge on those who tortured her and destroys the Sept of Baelor with all those who are inside, among them is also Margaery Tyrell. When Tommen learns of the death of his lover, he throws himself into the void and dies.

Season Seven

In that season Daenerys travels to Dragonstone and continues with her plan to get the Iron Throne, something that Cersei is not willing to allow. But the Lannisters are practical without support.

Daenerys goes to rescue Jon Snow.

Season Eight

Game of Thrones season 8 how many episodes? There are only six episodes in the final season of Game of Thrones. In first episode, Jon and Daenerys arrive in Winterfell with their army. Meanwhile, the White Walkers have managed to cross the Wall and the King of the Night advances and murders many people in his path.

Also, the battle in Winterfell takes place against the Army of the Dead. Daenerys and Jon Snow try to defeat the King of the Night with the dragons. In an attempt to defend Bran from the Night King, Arya manages to assassinate him with a Valyrian steel dagger.

Once the Army of the Dead is defeated, Arya and Sansa learn of their Brother Jon’s true lineage.

Faced with Cersei’s refusal to surrender, Daenerys decides to attack King’s Landing and destroy the city with her dragons, burning and devastating the entire population. Jaime and Cersei also die.

After what happened, Jon decides to stab Daenerys and remove her from the throne. Ultimately, the lords of Westeros name Bran as their king and Tyrion as their hand.

The North is independent of the Seven Kingdoms and Jon decides to go beyond the Wall to live with the Savages.

Daenerys attacks and burns King’s Landing.

How many people watched a game of thrones season 8? A series like Game of Thrones that has fascinated millions, the Season 8 premiere drew 17.4 million viewers. At the same time disappointed many fans of the saga, and is among the most-watched series ever.