If you are a Disney lover, you might have an urge to visit Disney Theme Park and Water Park located in different parts of the world. No matter how many times you visit these parks, you will always fall in love whenever you visit them.

There are a total of 14 Disney Parks out of which 12 are Theme Parks and 2 are Water Parks. It would take at least 13 days to visit all of them. When it comes to how much are Disney World tickets, it depends on what days you choose to visit, whether it is a weekday or weekend. It also depends on the seasons. You can either choose off-season or peak-season to visit these parks.

We are here to give you all the information you might need to know how much each one of the following parks can cost you:

Disneyland Park, Paris

A ticket to one of these parks can cost you more than $63 per person but you can also buy a Park Hopper which will allow you to hop over all of these parks, at $88 per person only.

Walt Disney Studios Park, Paris

If you buy a ticket to Park Hopper, it will cost you $108 per person. For visiting a single park you can buy a ticket for $82 per person.

Disneyland, Hong Kong

You can buy a ticket for $79 or more.

Tokyo Disney Resort

The cost of a one-day tour at this park can cost you from $65-95 per person. 

Tokyo DisneySea

For this extremely wonderful place, you need to spend from $65-95 per person for a one-day trip.

Disneyland Resort: Disneyland Park

This is one of the very demanding parks. On a peak-season, it can cost you up to $149 per person.

Shanghai Disneyland Park

For weekdays, it costs $55-56 per person and if you choose to go on a weekend, you need to spend more.

Disney Resort’s California Adventure

For a Park Hopper ticket, you would need to spend $199 but the cost can decrease to $149 in off-seasons.

Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom

One day ticket’s price starts from $109 and can increase. For a Park Hopper add an amount of $60 to it.

Walt Disney World Resort’s Hollywood Studios

It can cost you up to $109 and $169 for a Park Hopper Pass.

Walt Disney Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon

This is the favorite place for children. For both of the parks, you would need to spend $69 or $64 per person.

Walt Disney World Resort’s Epcot

There is a different cost for ‘Hollywood Studios’ and ‘Animal Kingdom’. On peak-seasons there may come a slight difference in the cost.

Walt Disney World Resort’s Animal Kingdom

The cost of this visit is as that of ‘Epcot’ and ‘Animal Kingdom’. Only a slight change can occur.