Sometimes words are not enough to express your true feelings. There are times when you feel speechless and words fail to give meaning to your true feelings that is when music comes into the picture.

There will always be a song perfect for a given situation. A song that will depict your true feelings without uttering a single word. Does this sound relatable? Well, it should because that is how much music has become an essential part of our lives. So how to add music to Facebook profile shouldn’t be a question when you know music can be the ultimate medium for you to express yourself.

Music on Facebook profile- Yes! Facebook also acknowledged the importance of music and now you can easily add music to your Facebook profile. Do you want to know how to add music to your Facebook profile? Then read along.

Facebook now offers music on your Facebook profile though the music or your selected songs will not play in the background when someone visits your profile they can play the music or the song manually while going to the music section of your personal profile.

You can add a variety of songs or music to your profile depending upon your choice and mood. Also if you want to tell someone how you’re feeling, the song that depicts your current mood can be easily pinned on your profile so that it will be instantly visible to the visitor as soon as they check your profile.

Let’s have a look at this new music feature introduced by Facebook and by the end of this article you would know how to add music to your Facebook stories and profile.

Music feature induction

The music feature is still in its testing mode and is not available to all the users of Facebook. The music feature is available to mobile apps users of Facebook only. This means that you can use this feature only on your iOS or Android phones, not from your computer or other devices.

Where to find the music feature on Facebook?

You might not instantly find the music section on your profile if you do not check your Facebook profile regularly.

Open your profile on Facebook and scroll down. The music section is available where you will find the life events and photos tab. You may have to slide a bit down to check the music card availability on your Facebook profile.

How to Add Music to Facebook Profile

Once you have located the music feature on your profile, it gets easier to add music to your Facebook profile.

We have jotted down the simple steps for your convenience.

  • First of all, go to your Facebook profile and click on the music card.
  • Now a blank screen will appear in front of you if you are using this music option for the very first time. Click on the (+) icon on the top of your screen. A whole library of songs will pop up in front of you. You can easily search the song of your choice by typing in the search bar or you can select any genre and songs will appear in front of you.
  • After finding the song that fits perfectly you can preview it to confirm whether you really want to add it or not.
  • Now, you can add the music or song by clicking on the add button.
  • After getting the song added, you have to go back to the main profile screen and refresh it by scrolling down. You will notice that the music section of your profile is not blank anymore. You can also view your playlist by clicking on it. It is very easy to add more music or songs as per your choice. All you need to do is click on the add button and add whichever song you want to your playlist.

How can Visitors listen to Music on your Facebook Profile?

If a friend visits your Facebook profile, they can click on the music section on your main profile and Facebook will instantly show your playlist to them.

They can click on any song from your playlist and the song will be played like a sample. The sample of any song is 1 minute and 30 seconds long.

Your friends can add that particular song to their own profile playlist as well or they can go and view the Facebook page of the artist by clicking on the three dots on the corner of the page.

It is also easy to listen to the song on Spotify as Facebook recently started supporting Spotify and after that this music feature was introduced on Facebook.

Final thoughts

Like everything else, Facebook is also undergoing changes on a regular basis. As time changed so has Facebook thanks to the advent of the latest technology. It was about time that this music feature got inducted into Facebook as there are a lot of other social media platforms which have been offering music features for quite some time now. To stay relevant and in competition Facebook needed to upgrade itself so that it doesn’t get obsolete with the advent of new technology

Hopefully, this guide will help you how to add music to your Facebook profile stories and posts. Now you can enjoy your favorite music in your Facebook playlist on the go!

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