One of the most exciting new additions to the stories of Instagram is the addition of music stickers, which enable you to easily add samples of your loved songs to your video or story in a few simple steps, but how to add music to Snapchat?

While Snapchat has not yet included similar functionality, with a little innovation, you can add your favorite songs to your pictures and even connect it to Spotify to share your favorite music with your mates. This is how you do it.

How to add music to snapshot?

The process to add music to your videos or stories from your mobile is simple and fast – whether it’s your phone’s own music app, Pandora, Spotify, or something else. You’ll just need to follow a few quick measures to add music to your Snaps very fast.

To begin, you’ll need to be at a place that allows you to listen to music on your phone. Whether you’re in a school or a library, this is most likely not the appropriate procedure for you. Ensure that your level is set between half and two-thirds; turning it all the way up would almost certainly affect the volume when picked up by your microphone.

Easy Steps to add music to Snapchat

Follow these simple steps and you will have the answer to your question how to add music to Snapchat:

    1. Start the music application of your choice.
    2. Navigate to your music library and choose the song you’d like to use in your Snap.
    3. Play the track, but immediately pause it, moving to the section of the music you’d like to play.
    4. It’s important to leave a little margin until it plays the segment you like!
    5. Next, use the multi-tasking feature to return to Snapchat.
    6. Open the Snapchat application.
    7. The first thing you’ll see is your current camera view; turn to a different camera.
    8. To access the Control Center on an iOS smartphone, swipe up from the bottom; to access the Notification Center on an Android device, you need to swipe down from the top.
    9. In all scenarios, the music you selected for your Snap would be shown.
    10. Tap the “Play” button to resume the music from the point from which it was paused; close the control center or notification.
    11. You will be redirected to the Snapchat panel. To begin filming, tap and hold the “Record” icon, and then concentrate the camera on the subject you want to record.
    12. When done, remove your finger from the “Record” button.
    13. Snapchat would automatically play the video. The section of the music that was playing at the time of the recording will be saved. Unmute the Snapchat software if you are unable to hear the sound.
    14. When the video has finished playing, press the small arrow icon in the lower right corner of the device to share it with your mates.
    15. Scroll through your contacts to choose the recipient of the Snap.
    16. Click on the “Send” icon. When your friends open the snap, they can hear the music playing in the background of the recording.

Sharing Music on Spotify

If you want to upload music and not include any personal material, Snapchat and Spotify are now collaborating to make this possible.

Open Spotify on your mobile and navigate to the music you’re already listening to.

In the upper right-hand corner, you need to select ‘Share’ by tapping the 3 vertical lines

When you tap on ‘Spotify,’ the single will play alongside the album cover. You will continue to post as you always will in every other Snap.

With the addition of newer music narrative choices on other sites, this seems to be a little stale. Not to mention that it restricts consumers to utilizing just Spotify. You might be thinking, “What’s the point if I’m not allowed to participate in the Snap?”

Apart from the fact that music is an excellent way to convey yourself or expose a mate to what you like, you can customize your Spotify Snap by including stickers, text, and other features before uploading.

May I connect music using a third-party app?

According to what we’ve gathered from browsing different app stores, you’ll need to add music to your video utilizing an external app before uploading it to Snapchat.

You can add music to a video you’ve made using an app like InShot (a trustworthy app with a plethora of music options). If your masterpiece is ready, you can open Snapchat and use the dual card icon to upload your video from your camera roll.


Background music will enhance the quality of your Snaps and add a different layer to your one-on-one and party chats. Utilize the approaches outlined in this post to expertly apply a soundtrack to your photos.