To strengthen your weak immune system, you know the basics: healthy food, sleep, and ventilation of your living space, but also of your body cells. There are diet and lifestyle changes that can boost your immune system.

Stay active

Do you practice a sport or physical activity regularly? Perfect, continue. Otherwise, even if the weather is not favorable, get outside, take a walk in the fresh air, and walk often, briskly. If, due to lack of training, you quickly get out of breath, slow down, but persevere: an hour of walking a day is ideal, and you will get there.

Play sports

The sports, swimming pool, other sports, also contribute to strengthening your body. Have you always been inactive? The good news is that a little exercise seems to improve the immune system.

Breathe fresh air

Breathing optimally oxygenates the blood and helps cells release the various wastes that clutter them. The daily practice of breathing, that is to say into the belly, is a simple and effective asset to stay in good shape.

Care about your health

Before the onset of bad weather and extreme cold, it is always interesting to give the body the tools in advance to approach the season calmly. Before providing the body with revitalizing nutrients to defend it, it is better to start with exercise.

Boost your immune system through diet

Strengthening the immune system through a varied and balanced diet is also recommended. And finally, for people with a diet too rich in sugars, or animal proteins, it is also important to pay attention to their immune system.

Take care of your stomach

Taking care of your immune system starts with food! 70% of our immune system is found in the intestine. Thus, the intestine is the first defense barrier of our immune system.

Our immune system is made up of white blood cells. Their role is essential! They are the ones who defend our organism against infections and diseases. A study has shown that vitamin C reduced both the severity and the duration of the course of colds. It is also essential for the renewal of white blood cells. Where can you find vitamin C in the diet? In raw vegetables, raw fruits such as citrus fruits.

Lifestyle changes

Reduce the stress level

Scientific studies have confirmed that chronic stress can interfere with the proper functioning of the immune system. The secretions of the stress hormone in excess and over time thus weaken the immune system.

Regular physical activity

Regular physical activity reduces stress hormones but also boosts immune defenses during and after exercise. The result: less risk of contracting a virus but also less severe symptoms and a faster recovery in the event of infection.

Sleep well

The tiredness and lack of sleep weaken the body. Thus, people with poor quality sleep would be more vulnerable to infections with a weaker immune response than those with good quality sleep.