People often ask how to buy stock in Amazon, but forget to follow it up with research or even a minor digging on the matter that would take them to discover how good investment can be. Amazon is not just a name in the online market, restricted to customers only. It is a name that easily dictates the stock market along with a few dozen other leaders in the corporate world.

What we are all aware of is that the eCommerce industry is ruled by Amazon, globally. There is barely any other company that has as much exposure, market share, and continuous growth as Amazon does. It is very smart to think about investing in it. The company has been known to outperform and grow better than expectations in the past. And this is exclusive of any other company and stock market contender.

The company started in 1994 and if you compare the product portfolio Amazon has now to where it started from, the differences are worlds apart. You can count both Amazon’s own product list as well as how it acts as a platform for buyers and sellers. The company claims to focus on “customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking.” as the guiding principles for its business.

There seem to be no limitations to which part of the consumer-focused market Amazon is looking into capturing. The acquisition of Whole Foods showed us as much. Especially now, in a time that has brought us as exposing close to realizing the importance of the online market, the value of this firm continues to grow.

What was expected to be a quite-drawn outgrowth chart is now believed to be happening much sooner and faster due to the effects of the pandemic? Not only did the previous year force people to stay indoors and order anything they needed online, but they also built a habit that people might get used to. And as the number shows, it seems to be working for Amazon. As more and more people shop online, from the comforts of their home, it keeps benefitting Amazon, because the company’s incredibly diverse product range has almost anything you will need.

Not to forget, the company has significantly diverse modes of revenue now other than just its an eCommerce platform. From streaming content with Prime Video, introducing food delivery after acquiring Whole Foods, putting out sponsored Ads by third-party retailers, enterprise cloud solution called  Amazon Web Services (AWS), to moving towards transportation technology and prescribed medicines. The portfolio here is so diverse, and this does not include all the comparatively smaller, subcategories of the consumer goods market the corporate giant covers.

The business model, its values, and operations all combine together to take the brunt of its success. Initially, many analysts wondered whether it was founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos who was behind the growth and success of the company. But his recent announcement regarding stepping down and appointing AWS CEO Andy Jassy as the new CEO proved otherwise. People have understood that the company is on the correct path, and a change of leadership will not affect its success. As this chart illustrates in itself:

How to buy stock in Amazon?

Now that we have established all the reasons why Amazon is a great, probably the greatest opportunity for investment, let’s answer the ‘how’ of the process. For those that are starting out as new investors, you need a brokerage account, first and foremost.

There are many options you have in terms of brokerage accounts, you can choose to go for the one that is either the cheapest or is the most beneficial for you. As a newbie or even experienced but small-scale investor, fractional ownership or fractional shares are a great option for you. Since Amazon is a huge name in the stock market, its stocks are expensive to buy. Currently, one Amazon stock is priced in the $3000-4000 range. Lucky for you, fractional shares work in this case.

All you need is as little as a $100 deposit to get started on buying any amount of shares you want to by opening an account. Apart from the deposit, the account you open will enable you to buy shares for more than $25. Depending upon what brokerage account you choose, you will get relevant features to utilize. The right choice in terms of brokerage account can lead you to no fees, zero commissions, dynamic rebalancing, a modern interface and a phone app, and fractional shares all through one service provider. Make sure you do your research before you make a decision to land on one.

After you have your account, you can connect your bank account to process payments with fluency without hurdles. Opening a brokerage account sounds like a tough one, but really can be as quick as a 10-minute activity. Search and place an order for Amazon (AMZN), once your account is ready for use. That’s what Amazon’s stock market abbreviation is. Now the buying decisions and investment strategy are yours to make.

Hope this helps answer your question ‘How to buy stock in Amazon’ regardless of budget constraints.