How to cancel Amazon Music subscription – 2 Seconds Summary:

  • Head to on your browser
  • Click ‘Accounts and List’ on the top
  • Select ‘Membership & Subscription’
  • Click ‘Music Unlimited’

Finally, click ‘Cancel Subscription’

Worried to see your growing expenses every year or maybe every month? Let us tell you what to do! Firstly, collect all your services bills and check which ones you have stopped using for a while.

Also, check if you are using Amazon Music anymore because, in the presence of strong rivals like Spotify and Apple Music, chances are you may have ditched using that monthly Amazon music subscription. So, did you find it? Perfect! Let’s learn how to cancel Amazon Music, assuming you are no longer using it.

Wait, before learning how to cancel Amazon Music, you need to check out the cons of canceling it so that you can make a sound decision.

Types of Amazon Music Plans

There are 4 types of music plans available on Amazon and they all vary from their subscription fee to the services they provide. Let’s look at each of these:

Plan Price Prime Required Available Songs Ad-free? Devices can play at once?
Amazon Music Free Free No Thousands of stations


Top Playlists

No 1
Prime Music Free for Prime members Yes 2 million Yes 1
Amazon Music Unlimited $9.99/month or


$79/year for Prime

No 70 million Yes 1 for Individual Plan


6 for the family plan

Amazon Music HD $14.99/month or


$12.99/month for Prime

No 70 million in HD


Millions of UHD

Yes 1 for Individual Plan


6 for the family plan

Consequences to know of before canceling Amazon Music

The Amazon Music plan in itself is not so bad, it is very competitive to other services too with great podcasts as additions in their library. But in case you want to switch, you can do so with ease. The great thing is once you subscribe for the membership you are eligible to listen to free music even if you cancel the membership before the renewal date. The music stops being accessible only on the day your free trial ends. If you are someone who wants to cancel, however, you will have to confirm that you are the one who signed up for the service and want to cancel it too. There is a loophole to finding your saved songs even after your free trial ends. If you are a Prime member, you will be able to access your saved songs from Amazon Music Unlimited that are available in Prime Music even after your free trial ends.

Another consequence worth knowing is that in case you get charged accidentally or pay intentionally, you will not get a refund from Amazon in any case. Their terms of service clearly mention this policy when you are signing up for their service.

Canceling Amazon Music Unlimited on different devices

Finally coming down to how to cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited, different devices have different procedures. Due to different interfaces on different devices, the steps may differ, let’s look at particular devices and how the cancellation process works on each one:

How to cancel Amazon Music via Web Browser

The most common and straightforward way to withdraw from your Amazon music subscription is through your computer’s web browser. No matter what browser you use, following these simple steps will help you cancel your Amazon music subscription easily.

1. Open the installed web browser on your computer or laptop

2. Go to

3. At, look for the Accounts and List option at the top right-hand side of the home page.

4. Click on the small arrow right next to the Lists option. It will show you a drop-down menu with a range of options. Once clicked, look for the Membership & Subscription option from the menu and select it.

5. In the Membership & Subscription option, you will have all your subscription and membership details that you have purchased through Amazon. This may include Prime Video, FreeTime, Magazine Subscriptions, Kindle, and Music subscriptions. Now that you want to remove your music subscription, look for the Music Unlimited option from his list.

6. Click on Music Unlimited, it will open another window that shows details of your subscription, your plan, monthly renewal, and payment options. Under ‘Remind me before renewing’ there would be an option ‘Cancel Subscription’.

This ends the guide on how to cancel Amazon Music subscription for Amazon Music Unlimited, the paid plan. As illustrated before, you don’t need to cancel the subscription for each plan, but you will need to in case you want to switch your plan. The best kind of services are those that don’t bind you in case you want to discontinue or switch to any other service for any reason. This is why Amazon’s Music services are such great options to try for yourself without the fear of prolonged commitment to pay.

7. Select cancel subscription under Subscription Renewal details. Click ‘Confirm cancelation’ to confirm cancelation. 

When you cancel your subscription, it does not immediately limit your usage. Until your subscription date comes to an end, you can still use your Amazon Music account. The process goes for any subscription you opt for.

How to cancel your Amazon Music on iOS?

Whether you use iPhone or iPad, the Amazon Music app is easily accessible through App Store. There’s not much difference in the functions of the App in iOS and Android. However, to cancel out your subscription you just need to use the main platform. Switch to your preferred browser for canceling your Amazon Subscription.

1. Open a web browser installed on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Go to

3. Click on the three lines you see on the top left corner of your screen. Sign in using your login credentials.

4. Once you are logged in to your account, navigate to your account setting from the same three-lined hamburger menu.

5. Here look for the option ‘Your Memberships& Subscriptions’ from the account setting menu.

6. Once clicking on ‘Your Membership & Subscriptions’ search for ‘Amazon Music Unlimited’

7. Select and fine Amazon Music Unlimited Settings

8. Now you can easily cancel out your subscription

9. Here, you may also have to confirm the reason for the service termination. Confirm the reason and tap ‘Confirm Cancelation’.

How to cancel your Amazon Music on Android?

Canceling Amazon Music on Android is as easy as doing it on an IOS device. However, the process is slightly different. You can carry it out using your corresponding Android or non-IOS device. Follow the steps below as listed.

  • Open the Amazon Music app on your device
  • When the app is opened, select the ‘gear’ icon
  • Tap ‘Amazon Music Unlimited’
  • In your Amazon Music plan information, look for the ‘Subscription Renewal option.
  • Under that option, find, ‘Cancel Subscription’.
  • When you are sure that you want to cancel it, hit that option.

Confirm it and you are all done here.