The music streaming scenario throughout the world has faced several changes over time. From the olden days of vinyl on record players till today’s streaming businesses, we’ve come quite far but the passion still remains. Among the many kinds of music and audio streaming platforms is Amazon Music, which holds one of the largest and most underrated audio libraries. If you are someone who already has an account with them, this article will help you understand how to cancel Amazon Music.

Amazon offers multiple music plans through its Music streaming service. The music membership ranges from a good $8 a month to $79 for a year and it is all worth it if you are looking for a reliable music/audio streaming service. Instead of the usual 30-day trial, most streaming platforms offer, Amazon Music offers a 90-day free trial for its subscribers. If you want to avail of the free trial, you can register to their website anytime you want, but cancel before the free trial ends if you do not want to be charged. If you accidentally forget to cancel your membership the website will automatically charge you as soon as your free trial ends.

Amazon Music


There are different Music Plans for different preferences of customers. Prime membership owners get Prime Music included in their membership plan. Amazon Music Unlimited is different from Prime Music. As a Prime member, you do not get separately charged for your Prime Music that you can avail yourself of through your Amazon Prime membership.

Types of Amazon Music Plans

There are 4 types of music plans available on Amazon and they all vary from their subscription fee to the services they provide. Let’s look at each of these:

Plan Price Prime Required Available Songs Ad-free? Devices can play at once?
Amazon Music Free Free No Thousands of stations

Top Playlists

No 1
Prime Music Free for Prime members Yes 2 million Yes 1
Amazon Music Unlimited $9.99/month or

$79/year for Prime

No 70 million Yes 1 for Individual Plan

6 for the family plan

Amazon Music HD $14.99/month or

$12.99/month for Prime

No 70 million in HD

Millions of UHD

Yes 1 for Individual Plan

6 for the family plan

Amazon Music Free

Just like Youtube, Spotify, and even SoundCloud, Amazon Music also has a free version and it’s called Amazon Music Free. You can listen to all the music and audio you want from all the playlists and artists available to you. You do not need to be a Prime member to have access to the free music. The only downside is the ads, but if you can watch videos with ads, what are a couple of ads in between different songs, right. The entire process of how to cancel Amazon Music does not concern users who listen to Amazon Music Free.

Prime Music

For all those with Amazon Prime memberships, you have access to the 2 million song library of Prime Music. You can even download those songs on your device through Prime Music, but they are only available to play on that single device. It is a great option for individuals, and it even keeps the ads away. You can enjoy many good songs without any disturbance of ads.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Coming towards Amazon Music Unlimited, which as the name suggests is the equivalent of having the premium membership for all of Amazon Music. It is a paid subscription-based service that gives you access to 70 million songs and podcasts, no less. Another perk is that you can buy a family package where you get to play the songs on up to 6 devices at once. No Ads, a gigantic song library and the ability to play on multiple devices at once are a jackpot in terms of music streaming services.

Amazon Music HD

This is another premium plan for those who like to enjoy music in the highest quality. It offers the same songs as Amazon Music Unlimited but in HD, plus millions of songs in UHD to add to your experience. Music enthusiasts like to opt for this option due to its popularity with high-quality audio. 

Consequences to know of before canceling Amazon Music

The Amazon Music plan in itself is not so bad, it is very competitive to other services too with great podcasts as additions in their library. But in case you want to switch, you can do so with ease. The great thing is once you subscribe for the membership you are eligible to listen to free music even if you cancel the membership before the renewal date. The music stops being accessible only on the day your free trial ends. If you are someone who wants to cancel, however, you will have to confirm that you are the one who signed up for the service and want to cancel it too. There is a loophole to finding your saved songs even after your free trial ends. If you are a Prime member, you will be able to access your saved songs from Amazon Music Unlimited that are available in Prime Music even after your free trial ends.

Another consequence worth knowing is that in case you get charged accidentally or pay intentionally, you will not get a refund from Amazon in any case. Their terms of service clearly mention this policy when you are signing up for their service.

Consequences to know of before cancelling Amazon Music


For those interested, you can continue listening to music through Amazon Music Unlimited after cancellation. Because the free trial still works until the trial’s last date. You can continue taking advantage of the songs you want to listen to through your subscription until your free trial runs out. Apart from that, you can continue listening to only those titles that are included in Prime membership, as part of Prime Music, if you have the subscription after canceling your Amazon Music Unlimited. Although both of the collections are not identical, Amazon Music Unlimited has a bigger collection than Prime Music does, but there are still some common titles. 

Switching Amazon Music Plans

Switching your music plan from one to another is also an option for those looking to not cancel the service entirely. But you should know even if you want to switch from a family plan to an individual plan or vice versa, you will need to cancel the one you currently use.

Switching Amazon Music Plan


You can use both the main website of Amazon Music and/or ask Alexa to switch your subscribed services by commanding.

Canceling Amazon Music Unlimited on different devices

Finally coming down to how to cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited, different devices have different procedures. Due to different interfaces on different devices, the steps may differ, let’s look at particular devices and how the cancellation process works on each one: 


Those who have subscribed to Amazon Music through iTunes will have to go to Apple’s website to cancel the subscription. Cancellation through iTunes can be done through any of your Apple devices that have your iTunes login information. The steps you have to follow are:

  • Go to the settings in iTunes and enter your name
  • You will get subscriptions list under you name
  • Look for Amazon Music Unlimited and click on it
  • If you cannot find your Amazon Music account, it is possible someone else in your family has logged in to the account if you have the one device limit. Make sure you are logged in from where you want to cancel



The process of how to cancel Amazon Music does not extend to Alexa. Even though you can listen to music, activate your account or even switch the account plans through Alexa, you cannot cancel the subscription through it.

cancel Amazon Music


There are also options to buy or get an Amazon Music Unlimited account through third parties that don’t require you to go to Amazon’s main page. But in this case, you will have to cancel the subscription through the same procedure you get it from. 


If you are using a desktop computer, follow these steps to move towards cancelling your Amazon Music Unlimited account:

  • Go to Amazon’s main website or Amazon Music’s website directly through the web browser
  • On the far right corner, you will find the main menu of settings
  • Or instead of main settings you can go directly to Amazon Music Settings
  • You will get to Amazon Music Unlimited, go and click on Cancel
  • Finally, confirm the cancellation to move ahead 

Amazon Music Unlimited account



Follow these steps on your Macbook to cancel the subscription:

  • Go to the Mac App Store and login into your account
  • Go to view information from the main account page to access details
  • In the list that appears, you will find Subscriptions after scrolling down
  • Go to Manage subscriptions from there
  • In the list of subscriptions, when you find Amazon Music Unlimited, click edit
  • Finally, click on Cancel subscription to proceed 


Although looking at iTunes and Mac should have explained the process for cancellation in any Apple device but it does not. iPhones and Macs have different interfaces due to their completely different visual dimensions. Follow these steps for cancellation using an iPhone:

  • In your settings, type your name and scroll through
  • Upon scrolling, you will find subscriptions
  • From that list, go to Amazon Music Unlimited and tap cancel subscription


For users that don’t have an Apple device, you might be using Amazon Music’s mobile app. The app is a great way to listen to music on your phone. If you want to cancel the subscription using an Android device, follow these steps:

  • On your Amazon Music app, go to the settings
  • Click on Amazon Music Unlimited
  • Upon clicking, you will reach the screen that will show you Subscription Renewal action
  • From Subscription, renewal go to Cancel subscription and confirm cancellation

This ends the guide on how to cancel Amazon Music subscription for Amazon Music Unlimited, the paid plan. As illustrated before, you don’t need to cancel the subscription for each plan, but you will need to in case you want to switch your plan. The best kind of services are those that don’t bind you in case you want to discontinue or switch to any other service for any reason. This is why Amazon’s Music services are such great options to try for yourself without the fear of prolonged commitment to pay.