For regular online shoppers, Amazon is a go-to place that has a product range comparable to no other eCommerce store. Prime is that premium part of Amazon that gives its subscribers exclusive access to deals and content that you wouldn’t find in the regular subscription package. But not everyone likes the service for many reasons, which is why this article will serve as a guide to tell you how to cancel Amazon prime subscription.

There are many reasons from complaints to personal preferences that would lead you to cancel your subscription. And like any other great service that does not bind you to their company, Amazon has an easy cancellation process. Follow these steps for the guide:

On the main web browser, go to Amazon’s website and log in to your account. After you are logged in, on the top right corner of your main home page you will find Accounts and Lists with a drop-down menu list. In the lower part of that list, you will find “Prime Membership,” click on that.

Upon clicking, you will reach the Prime membership account page. On the top right again, find and click on “Update, cancel, and more” under the bigger heading of Membership. Here you will find an option to “End membership”, click on that.

Because it is an important step involving payment and authorization from the owner of the account, Amazon will need confirmation for the cancellation. On this next page, answer the ‘Do you still want to end your Prime benefits?’ question by clicking on “Cancel my Benefits.”

The above question might repeat a couple of times, giving you ample time to change your mind. If you have not changed your mind in the course of the process on how to cancel Amazon Prime, click on Continue to cancel on any similar questions. On the final page of the process, however, you will find a question for the cancellation date, under “Cancel your Prime membership.” Click on the button below this heading.

In case your membership was not a result of direct registration through the website, it will not cancel this way either. If you used another third-party service to get the subscription, make sure you contact them for your cancellation too.

Additionally, make sure you are aware that any services/added benefits that you got as a result of your Prime membership will be discontinued. Canceling Prime will cancel any simultaneous services subscribed to through it.

Amazon Prime Membership Refund

One thing you should keep in mind is that Amazon services like Music or Prime video will not offer any refund for such services. This is because, unlike products that have warranties and can be returned when they do not turn out the way they are promised, services mostly do not.

Amazon specifically has been very clear about refunds in its terms of service and policies about a refund. But there is a way you can get your Prime membership refunded, but only if you have not used any of the Prime benefits while you had the membership.

There’s a three business days limit to asking for a refund immediately after your free trial transitions to a paid subscription. You can get a full refund by just showing that you have not used any of the Prime benefits in those three days. And if you used the benefits, you might be eligible for a partial refund depending on your remaining membership days and benefits. You will however need to contact Amazon on their helpline at 1-888-280-4331 or directly from the chat support on their website.

This was the entire easy-to-follow guide on how to cancel Amazon Prime membership. Amazon holds up its credibility by providing customers easy to navigate systems, even if it is regarding discontinuing their service. It is a sure sign of a good service provider, where a business puts the customer’s ease first and foremost.