Audiobooks, a relatively new technology that frenzied people across the world when it was first introduced on the platform How cool is an idea where you can listen to a book on the go if you do not have time to read it? But, life is busy and there might be days when you won’t be able to open up your Audible account. And you start thinking, this is not the service from me and I need to know how to cancel Audible?

When life gets going and you just can’t find time to even listen to the books you have saved on Audible then it’s about time to learn how to cancel Audible membership. But before you opt for cancelation. You should know some very important aspects of cancellation. Let’s have a look:

How to cancel an Audible account?

If you have finally decided to terminate your account at you need to log in to your account. Log in to the website and check in to your account at the right side of the page on the top. Once you hover the arrow, a dropdown menu will appear from where you can find all the information and options regarding your account. You need to click on account details. From this menu select “cancel membership” and your job is done.

How to cancel Audible subscription?

Once you select, cancel the Audible account. You would lose all the unused credit in your account. If you want to retain it and don’t want to lose the points, then it will be a safer bet to cancel Audible subscription instead of canceling out your Audible account. This way you will not be charged if you are not using the service and you will not lose the credits. also allows you to change your account in which they allow different payment patterns.

How to cancel Amazon Audible?

Amazon joined hands with Audible so that this book listening service is available on Amazon for a limited time. A free trial of Audible is provided to Amazon subscribers for three months. The customers get access to Audible originals, audiobooks, and various other features for three months through Amazon. Often customers wonder, how to cancel Audible free trial? You can always terminate the free trial of Audible premium plus provided to other Amazon subscribers as after the trial period ends will be charged.

It is always advised to cancel the subscription instead of canceling the account as you can always revert to your account and your Audible books are there in your account for you to enjoy whenever you have time in your hands.